That name you called Me

That name you called Me


I doubt you even recall my face

The curve of my cheek, the fall of my lashes

But I remember you, your smell, that place

Where you burned all my dreams to ashes.


“Baby”, you called me, when you took it from me

Stunned by the beating, I lay calm and let you work

“Gaaahhhh!” you gasped, “you’re just too sweet!”

I felt your gift pouring into the murk.


That name you called me was never my own

Baby, Honey, Darling, Boo

My scars run deeper than you will ever know

Tonight I come to lay that blade on you.


Sugar, Handsome, Sexy, Stud

Can you hear my soft whisper in the space where we’re joined?

My blade, my love, makes such a wet thud

As it lovingly kisses your sweet, soft groin.


That name you called me was never my own

I was never your wife or lover you see

Now my face is the last thing you will ever know

My dreams have come true, and I’ve set you free…

8 thoughts on “That name you called Me” by hotchocolate (@hotchocolate)

  1. Great when served cold.

  2. O my goodness, o poetry!

    nice job.

  3. Wow.
    Such strong emotions

    1. @topazo, its been ages! How are you doing?

      1. @hotchocolate I am fine. how are you?

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