It’s 6:17am in Lagos, Nigeria. The hustling and bustling starts this early, much earlier than this I’d say.

Obalende is already busy with human and vehicular traffic. The ‘businessmen’ are also out early to get their share from the big pay they believe comes with suit and tie. The ‘businessmen’ are calling out to passersby to patronise them; the puff puff sellers, the bread sellers, orange sellers, and yes, I saw roadside pharmacies too, with drugs displayed on boxes. I wonder if these guys in suits and ties actually buy drugs here.What are these men saying ‘Fisebililahi’ selling? I can also see a guy with a message hung around his neck; ‘I am deaf and dumb’.

They all are businessmen; they chose the right time to come out. Most of them will leave the streets at 9 or 10, to come back at 3 or 4 when their customers will be returning home. There is only one thing in their minds, both the businessmen and the guys in suits&ties, it’s survival!

5 thoughts on “Survival” by scotorjay (@scotorjay)

  1. Survival with different shades

  2. well that was quick. doesn’t really have that attraction except for the obvious message

  3. Could have been better. But the message was clear.

  4. It came out loud and clear.

  5. Why so short? I know its flash but still…

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