Struggling with the Pen

For Sodiq

Vomit your silence
Into a bucket full of tears
Tears for sons
Sons who presently absent
Once shone on the dreams of their mothers.

Mothered by now murdered mothers,
These girls are now mothering bastards
Breast-feeding by genetic compulsion
The stained innocence born of violent sowing.

I will not discuss you, bookman
And tell how your words only knit garments
For roses and peacocks and fine queens
I will not say how your pen
Does not move conscience to action —
Excuse me, what of the dying living in prison?

Empty your silence, yes, empty it!
Sorry, the bucket has excreted the tears
Your screams are now melodious noise
Weeping for tears at peace today
With the rotting eyes that once shed them.

10 thoughts on “Struggling with the Pen” by chemokopi (@chemokopi)

  1. @chemokopi, this is a classic that clearly classify the sorry sorrowful story in the land?

    There truly exist some pains that makes you not only struggle with pen, but equally dry you of ink till you wish you have tears left for a substitute.

    May the mother Land avenge, may she bring forth vengiance like thunder bolt . . . May the tears of our mothers goneby drown the suckers who are parading themselves as men of valour in our land!!!

    Be not weary brother, keep the ink flowing, fill the scroll with lines, someday, nigh here, men would find their paths on the pages of our works.

    1. @Babalolaibisola: Amen, brother…amen. You know I always value your comments. Thank you.

    1. @Babalolaibisola: Amen, brother…amen. You know I always value your comments. Thank you.

  2. @Chemokopi this is written from the heart and it has every quality of a good poem. I salute you for knitting the stanzas and making us imbibe the mood of the persona.
    I was hurt by the 3rd stanza, but however it is true that words at times hardly fan the embers of a dying fire.

    This is a beautiful poem. Please keep it up!

    1. @chudiebere, thanks for your kind words! I am happy you took something from the poem.

  3. @chemokopi
    stuck to this beautifully written piece………..

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