Mistakes Are Powerful

One two three four….

It is done and the regret sets in

The “why’s” and “had I knowns”

The tears of shamefulness

But it appeared to be alright to go ahead

With all the nonsense and irrational behaviors

But now its all gone

Left bitter inside

Feelings of hopelessness

But wait….

Mistakes are powerful

You did it, you’ve done it

Whether anyone noticed or not

The guilt remains in you

Sometimes you pen it down in your diary but other times you decide not to

You keep it all up in your mind

In that tiny corner of your heart

Where only you can reach and perhaps someone you fall in love with

Or may be not someone you fall in love with maybe just a stranger

Someone you met along the line

But you needed to say something about it and just ventilate your mind

It was driving you crazy

That’s to say

Mistakes are powerful

But who the hell doesn’t make one?


All that should matter to you is showing so much love to yourself

To do what you can to help yourself

To stay happy

Having in mind that your positive reaction towards it is more powerful

To pick yourself back up and move on

To clean the tears with the white handkerchief

Leaving only the stain of mascara on it

But not your own happiness on it

Staying focused as the days go by

Forgiving yourself

Moving on, move on

You’ve made it, I’ve made it, everyone has made a silly mistake

And we all know how powerful it can be

But take this with you as you swing your hips and lift your head up to look straight into the eyes of life

Never ever repeat the same mistake.

5 thoughts on “Mistakes Are Powerful” by Eniola Ake (@Eniola)

  1. This is absolutely true.

    1. I can’t agree more with you.thanks for the feedback

  2. Nice one. More from you. You’re welcome

  3. We fall down, but don’t stay down!
    We get right back up

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