I Met Sam: Part 1

I Met Sam: Part 1

‘your boots are dusty’’

My fingers trembled in the cold as I snapped through the latest updates of Hello Magazine, I wondered were that quivering voice sneaked from. I searched with my eyes for the creature in which that thin cute voice escaped from.

‘’Please grant me the honour of clothing it with my rope ma’am, it would look better’’.

Such words.

It was a child, squeezed, by the corner of the shelf at the outer part of the store. Quite skinny in the pale colour of his skin; I could not think of him being a beggar which such words from his lips. His eyes looked heavy , and his weak smile….. a lot of stories were apparently hidden behind it.

‘hello boy’’ I was speechless, did not know what to say to the bleak looking lad

‘’Sam, Sam is the name ma’am’’

‘’Sam…. For Samuel’’?

‘’No, it’s Samson ma’am’’ he brightened up

He was the first person I had met with the name. Samson. I could not help but wonder that a child with such wisdom and smartness, flaunts helplessly the beautiful streets of Oakland. He was in the cold, hunged with tattered piece of clothing.

‘’ you have not honoured my request ma’am’’ he spooked, interrupting my thoughts.

‘’oh’’ I jerked, I had been swimming in thoughts ‘’No thank you Samson, it’s the beauty of the boots this season’’

‘’you mean the dirt’’? he threw back ‘’Momma told me dirt are quite bad and could be unhealthy and also harmful to us; and the dust on your boot are dirt ma’am’’

His feet were barely clothed, and he has a Mother. Smart child. He was obviously not an urchin. I could not guess the age, but he was definitely not above twelve.

‘’Sam, you know also walking on bare foot is dirt” I challenged back, joking around to prove my point

‘’ I gave it to kids that needed it most’’

But he needed it most “Fine Sam, direct me to your home let me accompany you; besides mum should be searching for you and its quite cold out here’’

‘’Momma is not worried besides she knows I am doing the right thing Ma’am’’.

Doing the right thing , by sneaking around in the cold?

‘’I am Cyndy’’ I snapped ‘’ how old are you Sam”?

‘’7 years old ma’am”

7 years old, with glorious wisdom and speech of gold; all dawning in one little creature; quite rare in the world today . Besides, He appears to say more about his mother and not even a spit about his father.

“ what about papa’’?

The brightness in his eyes dimmed “Momma use to tell me papa won a lottery and then he left’’ his words slowed down “and he is happily playing chess with his creator”

Chess? Creator? What a tricky way to tell a smart child an unfortunate happening. “ he is definitely enjoying his game”

‘’Momma used to tell me everyone has a Creator, who tells you what to do and is also responsible for you’’

‘’Very true’’ astonished by his words and thoughts ‘’Momma should be quite worried by now Sam”

‘’She would not be’’ he chuckled ‘’She is happily sitting beside papa watching him win his creator in chess’’

I could not stalk his thoughts anymore. Sam is an Orphan, does he have shelter? or all he did was to go around the street clothing dirty boots. I was hungry to know more about Samson, but the little I have been fed with, gives trouble to digest.

‘’Leukemia…the Doctor called it’’ such words from a little child ‘’It took momma to rest’’.

Tears drizzled down my face as that little Angel kept smiling at me, fully engrossed in his speech. He sounded cheerful ; and more of a story teller. The more he speaks, the more his face brightened .

‘’that’s one of the reasons I felt its necessary to help” he continued ‘’ Given everything momma and papa left behind to those that needed it the most. And also to clean dirt before I see momma and papa’’

‘’hush’’ I quivered ‘’your too young to think of joining them’’

‘’ I am not ma’am, I have leukemia’’ Samson smiled

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14 thoughts on “I Met Sam: Part 1” by Cyndy Ernest (@Cyndy Ernest)

  1. This is both beautiful and sad at the same time.

  2. I reserve my comments because I’m believing the story hasn’t fully started.

  3. Eagerly waiting for part 2.

  4. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @cyndy-ernest, very fetching story, draws at the heartstrings. I read it with a half-amused, half-pitying smile stuck on me lips. The effect was accentuated by your interestingly, peculiar choice of words like this: “7 years old, with glorious wisdom and speech of gold; all dawning in one little creature”

    Samson seems too ‘perfect’ for me – an orphan boy working the streets, making his own way, keeping out of trouble, philantrophic and Sick.
    Waiting for the other shoe to drop. But that’s just IMO.

    Punctuations (and a few typos) are main issue. But good stuff.

  5. “‘hello boy’’ I was speechless, did not know what to say to the bleak looking lad”

    Someone who just said ‘hello boy’ cannot…should not be ‘speechless’. At least not in the same paragraph.

    “‘’No, it’s Samson ma’am’’ he brightened up”

    It’s either ‘he brightened’ or ‘his face lit up’.

    Watch your sentences and your punctuations. Good job so far.

    1. she was actually speechless cos she did not know what else to say.. thanks for the correction by the way, i appreciate

  6. Beautiful piece. I almost dropped a tear in the latter part.

  7. Some word usage and punctuation issues, but touching story. I wonder what the part two is about?

  8. this is nice

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