We followed the sounds of the footsteps down

the sanitized halls

(Absorbent halls, that soaks up ills & expectations)

Our bodies rubbing in anticipation on stiff,

Leather beds

Eyes stuck to the door to see who it was


Yesterday,  there was a car crash

At the junction of Joseph’s and Pilate’s

Some pedestrian hit a car, and totalled it

The rescuers did not find the driver inside

She’d been grounded into vapour or powder

Or something of a different wavelength

(I was the pedestrian -)


Being born with death in your veins

Is the definition of destiny

Your blood knotting, clotting into a red chain

Tying you with balls of pain

To the bar called “limitations”


They say you are the child of evolution

Adaptation – of man fighting his habitat

But men should have sued for peace first

Not let you carry the banner of futility

And wear the badge of calculated defeat


I have wondered what walking in the rain

Bare-chested, would be like

Does it hurt like washing your soul free

Of lies, does

How do the drops slide over your skin

Snakelike? Recalling Eden

Or like bullets, piercing your soul?


How much do they sell lives these days,

I have put a for sale sign in front of mine

But there are no realtors in the yellow pages

Dealing in souls!

(Shocking! Everything is for sale these days, right?)

Is it too precious to sell?

Or was it banned like selling bodies has been now

I wish to sell my life,

To buy something more useful

Like love, like health, like immortality

And use the change to get an old, well-used soul

That has been broken before, and patched up-

With gum and cellotape.


Nephews, nieces, cousins, in-laws

You have enough love to give them

Pumping a heartful of love per millionth second at them

But the path back to your heart must be blocked

No one has found a way to give you back love

That is why you were diagnosed as anaemic

Loosing, and not receiving.


Take all the threads of your life

They will lead back to you & your placenta

To the woman – great mother

With whom you belong

The scissors that cut the visible placenta

Cannot read at the ageless one that bound,

Still binds you and her.




4 thoughts on “Dindymene” by O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

  1. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, wow…This is quite good, although it felt like you stitched different poems into one. But its still a very good read, especially after the first two verses.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      Thanks boss.

  2. Well, this is quite something. Although the point was kinda vague…but all in all a good write-up

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @rachel_williams, unbelievable though it may sound, the vagueness is actually the point. I was trying to bring in different emotions into a unified whole – the ties of a sickle cell person to his mother

      The first verse, for example, is about being hospitalized, and that hospital takes away illness i.e. A crisis episode, but it also takes away expectations of being free, but she still hopes…she still listens to the footsteps of the doctor hoping they will discharge hee and make her whole.

      The second verse is about the unavoidable crash that occurs when dreams (joseph) meets expediency (pilate). The ss patient is the victim of the crash, her hopes dashed – but their is no one she can blame, hence the missing driver; she cant blame her parents because she sees the priceless love between them and it was that same mistake (two ss carriers having a child) that caused her illness that also gave her life.

      Verse 3 is about the illness itself – how blood clots in veins and cause serious pains and how those pains can be fatal but even if they are not, they put sad limitations on the patients life

      Verse 4 is a lashout at the origins of the illness; the evolution that tried to make humans adapt to the malaria infested environment but caused deeper illness.

      One of the biggest taboos of sickle cell illness is that sufferers must never walk in the cold pr rain even witj clothes and insulation. But the narrator is imagining what it would be like to go au natural in the rain – would it be a deceptive pleasure that is overrated like the serpent overrated the fruit in the garden or will it be a very exhilarating bulletlike soul piercing experience.

      The 6th verse is angry frustration, she is tired of being so frequently sick she wants to get a new life, a healthy and content life that is strong -hence the bit about well used soul to mean a life that has gone through stuff but is still strong

      Many times sickle cell patients experience a situation of concern-fatigue, in which friends and family members will initially be concerned when they fall sick, but after a while and many hospital stays, the concern goes and its like “oh, she’s sick again? What else is new.” they get used to it. But the patient never gets used to these friends and relatives being ill so she is always very concerned for them but they are not about her

      All these divergent emotions, I trace back to the mother, in the final verse, the unseen but strong ties that bind child and mother even when the visible placenta is cut, and it is the mother who never stops caring or being concerned, the mother bears the brunt of all the sicknesses and she just keeps loving. Its like a tribute that says all of the loss, limitations, anger, frustration will always find relief in the bossom of Mother.

      I tried to follow the complex feelings rather than the obvious.

      Thanks for reading, Glad you liked it all the same

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