Clarion For Togetherness

My country on a sinking ship
The sailing began long ago
Our sailors part at the middle of the sea
Then we were left in a lurch

The ship that brought us together
I mean the ship of peace and unity
The ship that know no race
The ship of Non-tribal
The ship that disallow to wreck

I mean the ship that refused to ruin
In the pleasurable thunderstorm we survived
The golden ship is sinking

Our sailors left the tragedy scene
The ship is on Mississippi
Where Negros speak of river
Our ‘Y’ river shows we can meet

Our hope is with us
When Moses speaks Israelites doubt
My call for peace and unity
The call for togetherness

Today I start my calling for togetherness
The day of Amos and Deborah
On the sinking boat we lies
My heart is as sinking as the ship

To build a nation base on equality
Where from Kogi or Kano is not consider necessary
For equality to sail us

I call today a call to justice
A call to live in unity
A call to fairness
A call to natural equality

That we may rank peace
Primus inter peres
To say forward ever backward never
In view to building a nation
Ever strong and united on social justice
My call for togetherness.

4 thoughts on “Clarion For Togetherness” by Asokogi (@Asokogi)

  1. We keep hoping… well done

    1. Thanks but can you fully appreciates the poem for me? I need you to analyse the content for me. Thanks.

  2. @asokogi, the message of the poem is clear, but I think you tried to bring too many disparate images together in the writing (‘Missisippi’, ‘Amos and Deborah’) and this made the narrative confusing for me.

    Also, pay attention to grammar/typo issues (“The ship of non-tribal” would be better as “The ship without tribalism”)

  3. The poem smoothens the wrinkles of despair on my face… a beautiful piece!

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