Be Rich And Successful In The Blink Of An Eye

Who said there is no shortcut to success? The person lied or lets say the person did not tell you the complete truth. Life is not about the “Hustle”. Its about FOCUS.The path of life is not crooked. The road linking you to your goals (If you have any) is a straight path, what makes it appear “supposedly” crooked is the distractions of life. Distractions make our light of direction appear seemingly dim and gives us illusions in the shadows, it keeps us searching for the light that we already have, taking us far away from our path and sometimes reality of life brings us back. This journey to the world of distractions (which could be more than one trip of course) and back gives the impression that life is zig zag. Do it right and get it right!!! Stop making excuses!!!


Most often the intentions of people are right, it is the manner of execution that is often wrong. Is it wrong to want to be rich ? NO but you do not have to steal to get your desires.
Want to live a life of comfort, worthy of emulation, transparent and worthy of sharing, then do what is right to get what you want!!! Don’t be distracted by the wrong ways, anything that you have to do in secret and obviously not confident enough to do in public on your journey to success and wealth, AVOID IT!!! Live your life like you are being watched. Ask yourself if i was on tv today and billions of people had to watch me act, what will I hide or change?… CHANGE IT NOW!!!

Decide what and who you want to be. Success is all in impact. You have to make something out of yourself that is worth emulating. The path of planning, goal setting and execution may not be an easy one but it is the quickest route and trust me you will enjoy your wealth later and set a strong platform for your family (especially your kids) and be a role model to many.

Do the following:


To learn the art of goal setting visit GOAL SETTING STEPS

Don’t make or share the news. MAKE THE NEWS! BE THE NEWS!!!

See you at the top.



4 thoughts on “Be Rich And Successful In The Blink Of An Eye” by Einsteinette (@Einsteinette)

  1. I hope it has worked for you.

    1. yes it has and i am sure it will for you too if you give it a chance :)

  2. I love this, because I do this and I need this. I’m constantly inspiring and mentor medical students on and my personal blog

    you are absolutely right my friend, the road to success is straight if we surmount our challenges. Watch out for my post “Live the Moment”

    1. i am glad you share my views.

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