A Shadow from the Past 14


I soon realized that Sam was taking me to Lagos or somewhere after it when we passed the ‘Welcome to Lagos’ sign but it was already very dark by then. It must be about 7.30pm or thereabouts. When we got to Ojota area, Sam parked somewhere and to my surprise, he told me to take his gun.

“Come on take it. There is no bullet in it,” he said.

He opened the cartridge to show me it was harmless. Then he gave my phone back to me.

“But why did you have to use it?” I whispered with the tears streaming down my face.

“I am really sorry. It is a long story. I had to do it,” he said.

“Why?” I asked again.

“It is because…” he paused.

“Because of what? How could you do this to me?” I was starting to get angry.

“It is because I had to just get you out of my room fast before my brother comes. He had just called that he was coming over but I didn’t tell him you were with me. I would have done that even if I didn’t find you snooping through my things,” he said.

“But you could have just told me the truth without using a gun,” I said angrily.

“I was scared that if I did, you will run away from me without listening to my suggestions on how to escape him,” he said with remorse in his voice.

“Were you expecting me to sit idly and wait for him if you had told me he was coming?”

“No! I wanted to make sure you were safely in Lagos…”

“Open the door! I want to get out,” I shouted as I struggled with the door. He didn’t respond.

“Let me out of here before I start hitting your window panes with the heel of my shoes! Sam or whatever your name is, open this door!”

“How are you going to get home from here at this time? It is late already,” he said.

I removed my shoes. They had stiletto heels and I proceeded to hit the window pane on my side of the car.

“No please, Mabel. Stop it. Just let me take you home and then I will not bother you again.”

When I hit the window the second time, Sam held my hands and I struggled with him.

“I should let you take me home so that you will send your deranged brother to where I live or you want to kill me like your brother killed my brother?!” I said. He went limp and released me.

” I wasn’t expecting you to believe the brother of the man who killed your brother. I never did. You already gave me your address last week, remember? Please trust me this once. For once, I want do something right. Please let me. This is not a good place to drop you. It is not safe,” he pleaded.

I looked out of the window as I pondered this. I noticed three guys coming towards our parked car. At first, I viewed them as ordinary passersby not until I figured that they were touts when they came closer and I also noticed another group of guys coming from the other side of the road.

“Go!” I shouted to Sam. He seemed to have noticed them too and he quickly gunned the car away from there.

The devil you know is better than that devil/angel you don’t know. Who knows what those ‘area boys’ can do? He drove on to my place in silence.

When we got to my area, I tried calling my mom and my dad but no one was picking their calls.

Oh well, I thought, I am almost home anyway.

When we got to the gate to my house, Sam stopped the car so I could get down. That was when we heard gun shots and we promptly ducked. The sound seemed to be coming from behind us. I guessed it must be a robbery. I had to just stay put in the car until it is safe to go out. Even if someone tries to call the police, they may not come until the robbers have done whatever they came to do. Then, I heard footsteps coming towards the car. Then the person stopped and tapped the window panes at my side of the car.

We had to look up. I sat up thinking the danger was past. I later wished I had just stayed put on the floor of the car.


It was Great Abbey!

“Open the door, little brother. I should have known you to become a lovesick puppy.” Abbey must have been waiting for us.

Sam didn’t answer. Instead, I heard the purring of the car’s engine starting. Hope soared in my heart- he was trying to make a getaway!

“If you try to leave, I will simply pull the trigger on your precious girl. My gun is already pointed at her.”

Sam still didn’t say anything. Then the car moved a few paces and then there was a gun shot. The car came to a grinding halt.

That was when I felt it: a terrible pain in my right arm. I touched it with my left hand and I felt the sticky blood leaking into my blouse.

“Sam, stop. He has got me,” I gasped.

“Oh my God!”

He removed his shirt and ripped it. He then tied it round my arm to prevent more blood from coming out.

I felt myself swooning.

“Don’t close your eyes. Please, I can’t lose you,” he said as he shook me gently.

“Let me take you to a hospital first. Please just hold on for a while.”

Suddenly, his brother wrenched the rear door open. I heard him enter the back. I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

“What are you doing here? Haven’t you done enough? I need to get her to a hospital. Get out!” I heard Sam say.

“Shut up before I shoot her in the head! You are going to drive this car to wherever I want.”

I felt the barrel of a gun touching my head.

I heard Sam cursing his brother and saying something like “I will kill you if she dies.”

That was the last thing I heard before I slipped into unconsciousness.

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  1. Longest time faith…

    Poor mabel..from boiling water to boiling oil

    1. Hi @schatzilein! Been so long since I came here to read or write. The past few months have been pretty hectic for me. Thanks for reading.

    1. @Nalongo. Thanks for still following this AWOL writer

  2. Em… Tenses!!!… The car gunshot part was unbelievable. Read it and see if it is…

    these aside, I like your story.

    1. @clemency Thanks for reading and liking it. I will put that in mind

  3. I agree with Igbor….tenses… Okay though

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  4. Welcome back! Nice one

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