A Red Night

The moon covered the skies with red painting a picture of washed-away blood bath. The night, thick and black, dappled its reddened glory on the forest down below. Sleeping owls perked on tree branches holding on for dare life.  A great wind was blowing with anger shaking the roots that held the big old trees. And as nature rampaged out its anger on earth, a man walked calmly shaking off the leaves that flew by. His eyes were bright and fluorescent white, illuminating the path he walked on. He was on a quest, one full with blood and redemption. Harrowing sounds echoed deep into the forest as he came across a cave.

“Finally a place I can rest,” said the man while he tightly re-strapped the hideous looking blade that hung loosely on his back.

“This will do for the night,” said the man seeing the hole that was the cave.

He walked into the dark cave and sat on the bones-filled ground. He snapped his fingers and fire rose from the ground and brightened the once darkened cave.


The wind continued with its roaring strength, taking with it things that could not hold onto balance. The man placed his sword on the ground. As soon as his sword touched the ground, a voice; full and ominous rose up into the night.

“What dares you to come here human of blood,” said the voice.

The man turned and saw a giant wolf; mouth dripping and its eyes filled with red and rage.

“I only seek the night here, then I’ll depart,” the man said calmly.

“No one seeks peace around here human of blood,” barked the wolf.

“Here we go again,” said the man with a sigh.

“Pray to the gods before I eat you for the night,” the wolf uttered menacingly.

The man quietly picked his blades and rose up to meet the eyes of the wolf.

The wolf with its mouth open ready for a killing rushed towards the man. As the beast neared, the man was no more. The wolf stopped, growling with ferocity, it looked around for the man. Its large eyes eventually became wary as it met nothing but night.

“Run human of blood, run way,” said the wolf.

The wolf turned its back, and began heading towards the very depths of the cave. As it did, a flash of fire ignited the cave, and dissipated as quickly as it had come. The wolf’s body went limp and fell hard onto the ground. Its head freed off from his scarred ridden body, helplessly rolling downwards towards the beginnings of the foul cave.

The man reappeared back to his sitting position. As he did, he again placed down his blades, and picked up the wolf’s head to meet his eyes.

“There is only one god here beast, and I am he,” the man said staring into the blank soulless eyes of the wolf. The man’s eyes closed but the fire remained wading away the thick dark of the night.

18 thoughts on “A Red Night” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. I usually don’t like supernatural stories but this is really good writing. I’ll look out for the next episode.

    1. @mcsnol thanks men..Appreciate you stopping by.

  2. This is really cool. i enjoyed it. that shows we are really heading somewhere.

    1. @louis thanks for stopping by. Yes we’re all heading somewhere

  3. Not my cup of tea, but really good.

    1. @elovepoetry. glad you liked it. thanks

  4. I found this interesting. Good stuff!

    1. @DelectableKay. thanks for reaching out. More stuff on the way.

  5. I like stuff like this; looking forward to reading others.

    1. @bunmiril thanks. More to come

  6. Wow This Is Cool, My Kind Of Stuff, You Have Just Given Me The Morale To Finish The Supernatural Book Am Writing. Nigerian Young Writers Are Getting Better

    1. @sarah glad i could be of help. Better by day..Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see your book on the bookshelves soon.

  7. Hmmn. Good. I love fantasy.

  8. Count me in

    1. @OlabisiFeyisayofunmi You’re in. Thanks for reading.

  9. Ha!

    Ninja tinz…Samurai tinz…Shinigami tinz!

    This story looks like something of Asian folklore with a fluorescent eyed man wielding a sword in samurai fashion. And since he called himself a god, I’ll presume he’s a shinigami of some sort?

    And come oh…this cannot fall under ‘uncategorized’ oh!

    This is ‘Fantasy/Speculative’.

    Nice short….that is if it ends here. However, I wish there was something I could take away from it. Couldn’t really figure that out.

    1. @lol. Bro, spot on. samurai tinz…and its definitely in the lines of Asian folklore.
      Yeah the theme or the thing I was trying to pass along was evidently absent in this one. Hopefully the next iteration will elaborate more.
      Thanks for reading. Always enjoy reading your comments.

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