A City Against Itself

A City Against Itself

We come together as one

For our common good we came


Or this we told ourselves

That mine by the first, we aimed


If only we can do it like this

What do you think?

Your suggestion is coarse

Like well packaged filth

She answers maliciously

Envy, jealousy and hatred directing her senses


Insolent, abominable bitch, senseless whore

Enemy of progress, hater of success

How dare you wash down my well- thought- of ideas like that

You who was not properly home taught


Me! You will see that bitch today

We fly at each other

And tear out each other’s hair

Commotion in the house

Confusion our best friend

We take sides

That our side wins, we aimed

All policy of common good forgotten

The need to fortify our city

Thrown out the window

We engage in this battle of wills


Ahh! Our city is under attack

Our walls, an unfinished project

Wide open like the broad way to damnation

No gates to shut them out

We have no defense

We have no strategy



We have no tactics for war

Our attackers take us by the wind

We become slaves, serfs and peasants

Toiling for others the gain to gather


In this trauma of ours

We remember those days

When we used to be

A blooming and flourishing nation

Flowing with milk and honey

Devoid of strife, hatred and envy


We are not where we should be

Priceless but sold for so little

We are cut off

Our future is not certain

Slaves, we shall always be

Because we are a city divided against itself.










5 thoughts on “A City Against Itself” by adeyemi.o.adebimpe (@fumsymoon)

  1. This city looks like Naija.
    Or rather what they say about Naija.

  2. Thanks guys, am flattered @Kaycee and Myne were you trying to bruise my ego, “just ok”, my heart is bleeding lol just kidding. The poem is actually about women folk and the continuous battle of wills amongst them, so you see most of you were actually off tangent, maybe you should re-read with this facts in mind.

  3. @fumsymoon,…………….so I joined your poetic train just in time………. simply nice………….and about those of the fairest sex, I think it’s high time they are not cut off from certain privileges…………..they deserve more than they are getting……………..let’s love them more; trust them; cherish them; pamper them; and make them our heroes…………….

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