The Surface Idea

The Surface Idea

I have an impossible task before me

Not daunted by the circumstances

That easily beset my ordinary eyes

To steadily project to you an Image

Unlike no other

Not to convince you to change

Nor to glory in the old time religion

But to instill an idea into you

An idea that should stir in you a revolution,

The way the pit that the information age,

The Generations long pit has dug

Not to get us out

Lest we fall back Inside, deeper than before

But to show us in pictures and in deeds

How we can get back to the surface

A surface bereft of the old time issues,

Unsolved issues that drilled large holes

In the fabric of our present day existence

A surface aloof of differences

Differences that damaged us,

Differences that birthed demonic ideologies

Differences that introduced imperialism

And planted in us seeds of racism

That even the globalization of our modern

Society were unable to cure

Yes, I have come with an idea

One that is certain will meet with resentment

But an idea none the less capable of evolving

Man’s way of life at these end times.

A subversion of our broken compass

The torn veil of the society

May yet not find a patching

But once this seeds begins its process

Of germination, a progress will be enacted

The footprints of the struggle

Though not noticed in the past,

Would find its way to celebration

The shifting of the human compass

From survival to dominion will herald

The predestined surface dwelling

Unreachable for years,

But never the less achievable.

Will come to fore,

And the generation old tale of woes

Of survival instead of domination will be forgotten.

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  1. I just wonder why people don’t drop by to read and comment on your poems?

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