Tamara and chloe part 2

Tamara and chloe part 2


I feel like crying but I have being doing that a lot lately. I keep wondering where my mum is,ever since my mum brought me to this place she has not come to see me and she told me she’ll be back. Most of the kids were playing outside the orphanage but I don’t feel like joining them. I remember the first day I was brought here,all my pretty clothes were taken by the nurse only replaced with this ugly, black gown. This is the first time we have being apart and I miss her so much. Then I saw one of the nurses coming towards me, I noticed she look so sad, she held my hand and said “Chloe darling,there is someone I want you to meet”. Then she took me to the matron office. I was hoping it was my mum waiting for me at the matrons office, but I was dissapointed when I saw this tall woman whom have never seen before standing beside the matron.

Immediately she saw me she burst into tears and came to hug me so tight I could hardly breath. We were in that position for a long time, she looked at me and said “Baby,my name is Tamara,I’m your mum best friend. I remembered my mum use to talk about her but she has never come to visit us. I smiled thinking maybe my mum sent her to pick me. where’mama I asked? She knelt down in front of me and said Chloe your mum is gone and she’s never coming back. I was confused. Gone where? I asked. She hugged me and said your mama has gone to heaven and she wants me to tell you that she loves you so much. I was still confused. Then I started running to no where in particular. I want my mum I screamed. Then I felt some strong hands holding me and everything went blank.



I couldn’t stop crying as I held this little girl. I know she doesn’t understand what is going on, I don’t know how to explain to a five year old that her mother is not coming back. I’m taking her with me,”I told the matron. She nodded and said “let’s start the paper work.”

Sally’s funeral was quiet, it was attended mostly by the hospital staff and few of her friends. Chloe never left my side. After the funeral, I took Chloe home from the orphanage, she doesn’t have much stuffs and she has not said anything to me after I broke the news of her mothers death to her. My place is a self contained apartment located at the rural part of the area. Chloe looked around my room,immediately we √©ntered, I can’t tellwhat is on her mind. ” I’m hungry” she said, “OK baby, I will get you something to eat, would you like to take cornflakes? She nodded.” The truth is, I don’t know what to do with her. I already told social service that I can only take her for six months which is enough for them to get foster parents. Chloe looks a lot like sally but she’s more prettier. Later in the night, I noticed she was dozing, so I arranged the bed and I tuck her in, she slept off immediately.

Monday morning,I woke up late because I was cleaning the house the previous day. I woke Chloe up, carried her to the bathroom. “Where are we going? She asked “you are going to school and I’m going to work” I answered, “I don’t want to go to school”. Why? I asked. She shrugged. “Baby, you have to go because I can’t take you to work , you’ll be fine I promise.” I hugged her.

I dropped her in a nearby school and rushed off to work. Immediately I entered my office I got a surprise, my sack letter was on my table. I rushed to my boss office. Good morning sir…. Good morning Tamara”, what can I do for you?” Erm Erm …I saw this letter on my table …yea, you know I don’t condone lateness and you are one hour late today and throughout lastweek.. “I can explain sir”, No Miss James, I don’t want to hear any story please leave my office.” I realised begging him is useless so I left his office, packed all my stuffs and went home. Now I’m confused,Im jobless and I have an extra mouth to feed,I know I have some money saved but that won’t be enough.” Sally,what the hell have you gotten me into?



school is OK,I guess but I kept to my self on the first day of school, Aunt Tamara came to pick me and she looks disturbed. The truth is that I don’t understand why my mum left me. Aunt Tamara is nice but she gives me junk food since have being staying with her and she cries most of the time.Her room is so small and I’m not comfortable sleeping next to her. When we got home, Aunt Tamara decided to make pancakes. I love pancakes. She switched on the radio and My girl by Billy Joel was playing on the radio. My mum use to sing that song for me. Then I started singing and dancing, Aunt Tamara joined in and we were both dancing in the kitchen. Then something happened, Aunt Tamara staggered and fell face flat on the floor and she laid there lifeless. Then I screamed.

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  1. – I saw this tall woman whom ‘have’ never seen before…….

    -Spacing issues e.g I keep wondering where my mum is,ever since my mum…..(is,ever). Spacing issues are much in this piece.

    Hmmm…..the writing can get better.

  2. You wrote ‘more prettier’ it is meant to be prettier.

    1. Thanks for reading!!!

  3. Welldone Steph, just like Namdi said, please do not forget spacing when typing.

    1. Thanks so much

  4. This is shoddy. Poor spacing, no dialogue tags, sloppy narrative and wrong grammar usage. Would do with a major editing.


    1. Thanks for the observation and thanks for reading

  5. Nice story, and style is whoa!

  6. Doesn’t this sound great? I like it.

    1. @elovepoetry, thank you and thanks for reading

  7. The storyline is great.But like Topaz noted it needs some major editing.Keep writing it can only get better.

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