Never Ending Tale of Woe

Bereft of the bitterness of our past,
That the older generation are ready
To display before us,
Like a newly engaged bride to be’s evidence
There’s always a twist to
The never ending tale of woes
That we’ve been so told

That it has become a new cloak
Wrapped around our coat of arms
For a change to happen
A revolution might be enforced
And when that fails,
We go back to square one
More battered and embittered than before

What then shall we do?
Shall we continue to suffer
So that peace may reign?
God forbid and I forbid also
A divorce from the bitterness of our past
And embracing the uncertainty of the future
A proposition the elders will frown at

A belief in the ability of the past to teach
Us what the future has in store
Is what they hold dear, A true notion,
But a notion unrevised
That it’s truth is rooted in the anguish
And pains of the elders,
That watched the system fall into its ruins.

Only in books have some of us seen,
The past they so fondly hold dear,
A past bereft of the present’s moral issues
A past so inaccurate that its works better
In their memories
A past that they were never able to recreate
Despite all their best efforts

A past whose meanings stay hidden
Until the end of time itself

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  1. Lacryma…well done.

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