Letter from beyond

I just received this letter and I said to myself why not share it with others especially since this appears to be a season of letters between former president Obasanjo and president Jonathan, CBN governor Sanusi and president Jonathan e.t.c.

Dear Saba,
I hope this letter gets to you in good health and still living.
Its being exactly a year since I left, I know you saw my departure as been early or as some will say before my time but everything happens at its appropriate place and time, the truth is that it was simply my time to leave.
I can never forget all that we shared together, how close we were as friends how you always had my back just I did yours. You and I were seen as inseparable. I need not remind you of the many times in the past when you used to come to my rescue whenever I got into fights with other boys most of whom were bigger and stronger than me but the combination of my skinny and small body structure with your muscular and big structure always insured our success. I can go on and on to remind you of the many things we went through together but I know there is no need for that, these memories live within you just as they do in mine.
I am pretty much sure that this letter will come as a surprise and shock to you, coming exactly a year after I left, but come it must as there’s quite a lot I must share with you and I will never be happy with myself if I don’t tell you all that I have come to know. I have not forgotten the day I left when you and others escorted me to my new home, I remain eternally grateful to you and all those who came to see me off and even though I wanted you to remain with me I had no choice but to hear the departing footsteps and cries especially yours as you all left, you had your life to live and I had no right to force you to remain with me.
Life here is all that we expected and at the same time did not expect. I have finally found the real joy and happiness I have been searching for all my life, sorrow, tears and pain do not exist here it is as if I have never lived with them in my old life.
Just as we were told and believed my first visitors after you all left were al-munkar and al-nakeer. They asked the questions we were told they would ask “Who is your creator?, What is your faith?, What did you use to say about Prophet Mohammed S.A.W and I gave them the correct answers. It was like answering examination questions I had seen prior to the examination.
I was shown my own mansion and palace build with the purest gold, silver and pearls. There I saw lofty gardens where one can recline and relax, the rivers here flow with milk, honey and alcohol, yes even alcohol, remember that time you coaxed me into drinking alcohol and I told you it tasted awful and I will never drink it again well the alcohol here taste nothing like the one back home. I know you love the female folk and consider yourself some sort of Casanova well I have more good news for you as the women here are beyond comparison with those you are fond of chasing, here the females are fair with lovely wide eyes and forever virgins.
But it is not all good news. Just like there really is heaven so also is hell equally real. The unrighteous ones in hell are made to undergo so many punishments that it is not a place I will like to see anyone in even my enemies. They are put in the fire of hell which burns their skin off and when this happens they are given new skin which gets burned in a continuous circle of punishment. Their drinking water is given to them hot and boiling and it cuts their bowels, the food there is from the tree which fruit stalks are like the head of devils they say the food taste like molten brass. Whereas in heaven the clothing is made of pure silk in hell the clothing is made of fire. Everything about hell is fire.
I have told you what I’ve seen about the afterlife we were told in our religion as Muslims and now I’m guessing you are saying to yourself that is all but there is more to tell you that is the real shock and surprise.
In addition to what I’ve told you I must tell you that I’ve seen more. I have also seen the heaven and hell of Christians. The righteous Christians who have their names written in the book of life have a place in the kingdom of God with mansions and streets of gold. They never get hungry, there is no sorrow, pain and dead and they sing and rejoice in the presence of God, even the concept of purgatory and limbo is real while the unrighteous Christians are thrown into hell.
I have also seen the fate of those who believe in Judaism as their religion the righteous one’s among them are placed in Gan Eden ( garden of Eden ) while the unrighteous are kept in Gehenna a bottomless pit where they are punished and tormented by fire and brimstone.
Do you still remember the many times we talked and argued about reincarnation among Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism. As Muslims we dissected the whole concept of reincarnation and refused to see any truth in it the whole concept of dead and rebirth just seemed so strange and unbelievable to our Islamic mind, I can still remember you quoting a line from the songs of one of our best rappers tupac shakur “My only fear of dead is coming back reincarnated”, the time you rhetoricaly asked me “Who in their right mind will want to die and come back again to this horrible world”?. Well it is all true for I have seen the dead and rebirth of others who believe in reincarnation. I have seen karma at work.
Even our traditional religious beliefs and the many gods have a place in the hereafter.
My final shocker for you has to do with the atheists. I know we never believed in atheism and to a certain extent even hated atheist and their believe that dead is the end of all things, well in their own way they got it right also as I have seen from here that the dead of an atheist closes all the chapters in the book of the life of that atheist both in life and the afterlife.
I have send you this letter to tell you that there really is a life after dead and to tell you to continue on the righteous path we have been walking on and when it is your time you will find yourself in paradise where we can be together again this time forever. I can’t just wait to see that day.

Yours sincerely,
Your friend in life and dead

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  1. It should be your friend in life and death
    It should be it’s been exactly a year since I left’
    The second to the last line before yours Sincerely” should be ‘send and death

  2. Yeah, if only letters came from beyond, there would be less sin in the world.
    It’s a cool concept but you have to edit the piece, bunmi pointed out a few. Read this aloud, and more typos would jump out at you. Have them cleaned up.
    Well done, Saba.

  3. @bunmiril thanks for the corrections, really appreciate it.

  4. @bubbllinna thanks I saw the typos, I will see if I can edit the piece but I’m not sure if it’s possible on this platform.

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