Getting Paid for Writing

Getting Paid for Writing

It is every writer’s dream to earn from his writing. Even readers admire Shakespeare’s mastery. Many people today want to be Chimamanda, or NoViolet, or that Kenya’s writer who won the Caine Prize for African Writing in 2003, Yvonne Owuor.

Others like me want to be Danielle Steel, or Barbara Bradford, or some other celebrated writer like James Patterson, or court controversy like Dan Brown.

But getting paid for writing is not an overnight dream. You gotta dream, toss on that bed and then wake the hell up and get to work if you want to make your dream come true.

Three years ago I joined several online fora to showcase my works, some for exposure, others for payment as the website advertised about itself. Now that’s one of the reasons I joined NS.

Nonetheless, it was a promise of heaven in hell. Some of the websites I write for have not even raised my basic pay beyond $0.00001, not that I’m complaining, but that’s too disheartening.

But I got paid. Yes! I got paid by one “employer”. Several dollars. I won’t say how much (for my security reasons), but it happened.

I am a great skeptic, and pessimist at that. I don’t believe anything will happen until I see it happen.

However, I am not here to boast. I am here to say that you too can write and get paid for it. Seriously!

It doesn’t matter where you come from, or where you are on the globe. What you need is just internet connection and a computer. That’s besides your creative mind.

This is not the scam we all are afraid of. After all this is not an email that has just found its way in your inbox.

Are you a writer? Click here and start earning from your writing today on Triond.


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10 thoughts on “Getting Paid for Writing” by elovepoetry (@elovepoetry)

  1. i will check this out

    1. Try it @Lifeboat, and don’t give up, it’s not for the faint of heart.

  2. Distinguished (@DistinguishedAnoke)

    Okay, suggestion noted. Thanks @elovepoetry for the link, will check it out.

    1. @DistinguishedAnoke, please do, and don’t say I lied. The going is tough there.

  3. Chief, what payment platform do you use, paypal?

  4. I totally agree with you on getting paid for writing. I recently quit my job to go into full time writing, and it has been great fun. Writing pays in cash and in kind, trust me on that, I run a firm that offers writing services to people. People, businesses are in dire need of writing services, there is much money to be made if a writer is interested.

    1. @kaycee, there you have it. Soon I am going to join you. Writing and getting paid is the most exciting and fun way to earn a living (well, for the writers). Writers who have a day job and still tell people are full time writers are great liars.

      That’s the spirit. Let’s now go for the pearls.

  5. @elovepoetry, I hear you oh. Some of us who work at other jobs do so because we enjoy our jobs too. Some people love to write, and they love to teach. Or some enjoy their law/medicine/engineering/nursing/etc. practice as well as writing. Everything isn’t black and white. Some things come in shades of gray. But I like your point. We can write and get paid for it.

    1. @febidel, I said writers who say are full-time writers yet have a day job. Many people juggle their passions, and they do it well, I have not hit on them, only those who say are full-time yet they mean part-time.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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