My trafficator flickered
Just on no-aim mission
I wandered wild wrecked
By the sudden katika reverberation
I thought I was out of the viva-breeze
As the wails of passersby in my ears freeze

I heard no world but sorry
We are often hurry than our shadow
Barred to us is impatience’s folly
Oh! Rarity of life, found not in meadow
Only Thou give and take
Our efforts are but fake

Yes the wind whispered to me
‘thou are but fly without wing’
With the beat of breeze my breath flee
Why hawk the world’s ring?
Even gold in its glitter fades
So ply to the sky in spades

One thought on “Collision” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. No doubt about it, there’s a certain depth to this poem which leaves a reader in a quandry.

    From the title and the first line, it seemed to hold something promising then as it progresses, we are thrown into an abstract vortex.

    Deep poem but not enough to spark affinity from me.

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