A Second Chance: Part 3

Before my father died,  there was never a day my mom didn’t rain insults on him. She regretted the life she had gotten her self into. I sometimes feel like if my mom were to be in my shoes now, she would have Done exactly what I am doing. “Daddy, am sorry for how I am living now.” I feel like my father’s death contributed to this person i am now, or my mom would have forced me into this. Anyway I was screwed!

“Babe, this dress fits you just perfectly. You will make heads roll today.” said Seyi. I looked at myself in the mirror, hmm…… I was a beautiful creature, I had beautiful eyes for money, but a ugly life. Yes! I decided to go to the party with seyi and all I could think about was for God to bless me tonight.  I was ready to let myself into this life, but was it ready for me?

As we stepped out of the taxi, I heard the loud sound of music everywhere.  I took a deep breath and walked into this mansion.  The house was so big I was even scared to touch anything. All of a sudden i felt someone’s strange eyes on me. It was as if they knew what I wanted out of coming to this party.  I quickly turned around to get a drink and right there, someone held my hands back.

“What is a beauty like you doing here?” Asked a voice that was so deep it cut through my chest. I swallowed the siliva building up in my mouth, and looked up to that face. I knew it now, I was in trouble!  “Um am sorry,  I was just getting a drink, excuse me” I tried to walk away but he was still holding my hands tightly.  “My name is Tunde, and am guessing you are Bisola?” I was shocked this stranger knew who I was. He mu have asked aroud, I thought to myself.

“Yes, that’s my name.” I said shyly.  “Would you still want that drink you came for?” I nodded my head, and he gave me a glass of wine. Long story short, one glass turned into six; I was lost to the nights moment.  I had never felt this way, I loved how I was feeling.  I asked myself if this was really how I should have been living all this while, but I never realized it.

I could barely control Myself anymore. I was wilde with dancing,  I kept asking for more drinks. Tunde later whispered in my ear, “Lets go home.”

“Yes!!”………The event of the reminder of the night,  you can guess what happened. When I woke up the next morning,  I felt like someone was pounding my head. The pain was so much I ran to the bathroom.  I didn’t even realize that I was not in my room but instead,  I was at a strange, yet beautiful room.

After I gathered enough strength, I walked back into the room and picked my clothes up. On the bed I found a note and 100 thousand naira in cash right there.  I picked the note up first and it read, “Thanks for the night”. That was when i realized where the money came from. Did Tunde think I was a whore? Did he think I wanted his money? I quickly dressed up and ran to my house, and of course taking the money with me.

When I got home,  seyi quickly ran to meet me joyfully.  “Oh girl, you don hammer!! How you take do am? Just one night with Mr right,  he don give you number. ”

“Babe, please calm Down, I don’t know what you are talking about.” I said. Seyi ran to her room and brought a business card with her. She handed it to me and it had Tunde’s name on it, I flipped it over and it had a phone number on it; which read, “Call me!”

Few days past, I didn’t call. Seyi kept reminding me of how rich the guy was. She said just one call could change our lives forever,  and it did!

A month later, I started seeing Tunde. He gave me everything i wanted, and in less than 3 months, I was now living with him. Our relationship was progressing nut yet complicated.  I was there as a decoration for him, and he was my provider. He constantly brought girls to our house or rather his house.  Every time I tired to leave him, I remember that I wasn’t ready to pay him back for all his done for me. I was a prisoner to the sins that had me bound.

I continued this our sick relationship.  There was nothing else out there for me if I left him. I became his slave all because of money. As long as I was able to pay for my siblings fees, and mama’s little business, I was ok!

Whenever he called,  I was there. I didn’t see it as a big price to pay because what he was giving me, was all I needed. He constantly reminded me of how cheap i was everytime i try to confront him. I didn’t dare to ask him too love me a little,  there was no chance for love. I was using him, and he was doing the same to me.

“When he called me to meet you here, I knew just how low I had become.” I said to Bola. With tears in my eyes.

all of a sudden, i felt a huge rush of anger in me. it had been in me for so long. boiling and waiting to explode. I started to yell at Bola. I couldn’t control my feelings, I cried so much my throat was hurting.  I was constantly asking him, ” How did I get myself into this?” “I don’t want this life anymore ”

He tried to pull me close to him, and was begging me to stop. Right there I came to my senses and asked him, “Why did you come here?”

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  1. Somewhere you mistakenly wrote (tired) instead of (tried).

    1. @bunmiril thanks 4 picking up on that…..i thought i edited carefully, next time sha

  2. Interesting story.

    1. @Nalongo Am glad you like it.

  3. Tense confusion, Mixture of US and Uk english. I like the story though.

    1. @coshincozor awww…..I write the way I speak, thats where the mixture of US & UK english comes in……….i hope it was not much of a confusion for you. Thanks anyway!!

  4. But please you might want to stick with either UK English or US English. The former should be the preferred.

    1. @SamoluExpress Thank you!……What do you mean by former should be preferred?

  5. Good Question why should the former be preffered? Anyway enjoying this so far.

    1. @Ivie9ja What did he mean by the former?

  6. Hes saying that you should choose one type of english preferably UK english. I was curious why he said UK is prefferable.

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