A Case Of Three Sinners – 1

A Case Of Three Sinners – 1

I was dazed as Tolu threw my boxer shorts at me.
“Get under the bed,” she yelled, grabbing my denim jeans and long sleeve T-shirt from the chair I had placed it earlier. She threw them at me, and then she started to straighten the rough bed sheet.
I hurriedly wore my boxer short, and was about to wear my denim jeans when she pushed me towards the bed. “My husband is back,” she screamed.
“Your husband! But I thought he had travelled,” my voice shook and it was tinged with fear.
“Yes, he ought to be in Abuja, but he is here now. Just get under the bed.”
I bent and wiggled my apple shaped body under the bed. Hardly had I settled there when Tolu threw my shoe, but she didn’t remember my socks. She was in a rush to clean all my tracks. I could feel my heart between my teeth, pumping blood filled with fear every second.
She opened the door and left the room in haste. I began to tremble, so I turned my face to the other side, thus I couldn’t see the door. What would happen if her husband discovered me, kill me? Strip me naked and have me walk the street like a thief? The opening of the door shut the window of my thoughts. Tolu’s husband entered. I could tell by the sound of his shoes as they hit the terrazzo floor. I turned my face back, looking at Tolu’s husband’s legs as he took off his shoes, then his trouser.
“Welcome my dear,” Tolu greeted, moving closer to her husband. He didn’t reply. Has he noticed something on her face: The smeared lipstick or her distorted makeup?
“What happened to your makeup?” he asked. His voice was authoritative, like Hitler’s. I froze with fear. Tolu was done. I had never known her to be good with telling quick lies.
“I was em…em—cleaning up,” her voice shook, “I just returned from the Ojomos naming ceremony. You know I told you this morning that I would represent both of us.”
“But Mr Ojomo said he didn’t see your shadow,” her husband intercepted, “I stopped over at their place when I was coming.”
“Em, he must be mistaken. There were a lot of guests, so he must have forgotten.”
“That’s true, the guests were much, and he barely had my time too.”
I could felt relief as it coursed through my system. I could now feel my heart behind my ribs, but its beats were rapid. Tolu’s husband sat on the bed. I could see his tuber-like hairy legs that looked like a Bigfoot monster’s legs. My business partner, Kelvin, has that kind of legs too.
“Darling, I’m so tired. I had a hectic day. I want to sleep, but I am hungry. Get me something to eat,”
“Will rice do?”
“Rice is good. Help me fry some plantains too.”
“Okay. What happened to your voice, it sounds tiny.”
“Ooh, I caught cold.”
“I would get some pills for you. Meanwhile, why don’t you come rest in the sitting room while I prepare your food. You can use that medium to watch the evening news too.”
“I have heard all the news today as I was driving home. Let me just rest here. You might even have to bring the food here when you are through.”
“You may have heard all the news, but you haven’t told me what made you cancel your trip,” she persuaded, “Here is my hand, let’s go”
Tolu’s husband leg didn’t move, not even a single hair on his hairy leg stood. He was really tired.
“On the trip, the client I wanted to meet told me to stay put that he is coming to Lagos tomorrow. Am I free now? Just let me rest.”
Tolu moved towards the door
“Ehn en, the pen that dropped under the bed this morning, have you seen it?” her husband asked.
The question made me jerk. I was done. Damn, I’m finally made, I muttered.
Tolu began to shake. I could tell from her legs.
“What is making you shake?”
“Shake, I’m not shaking. The pen… em… no… yes, I found it. It is in the sitting room. Come, I’ll show you.”
I could feel the pen in question between my toes. If Tolu’s husband remains adamant, there was no way I would get out of here, but the moment he leaves, I would be free like the legs of a cripple.
“Is there something special about this sitting room today? You’ve been hammering everything on the sitting room.”
“Nothing special, I just want to see your face while I cook.”
“That’s strange. You’ve never done that before.”
“There is always a first time to everything. I want to treat you like you are- The best husband in the universe,” she moved closer to him. I could hear the sound of the peck she planted on her husband’s cheek. Soon he stood up with her and they walked towards the door.
“Isn’t that my socks outside the wardrobe?”
Tolu quickly picked up the socks, “Never mind me. It must have fallen down when I was arraigning your shirts this morning,”
“Fell? But I don’t keep my sock in the wardrobe, you know that.”
God, he is really going to get what’s going on. It was getting too obvious. First it was the lipstick and makeup, now it’s my socks. “God, save me from this. If you do, I promise never to commit adultery again, never.” I prayed quietly.
“Never mind me,” Tolu quickly said, “It was when I was polishing your shoe.”
Her husband opened the door, and he walked out without uttering another word. Tolu followed suit.
“God, thank you for that near miss, I’m indebted to you,” I praised quietly, breathing out, “I will never commit adultery again, never. Just help me escape in one piece,” I prayed.
I was happy God answered my prayer, but did he really answer my prayer for good? I’ll leave you to figure that out. Tolu had stepped out of the room and was about closing the door when my phone rang. Guess what, my phone was a Techno N7, a China phone.

To be continued…

21 thoughts on “A Case Of Three Sinners – 1” by Kay Ade Greins (@kodeya)

  1. Alagbere. Adultery kills nd makes someone thinks widely. Nice one

    1. Hmm… adultery indeed… the other parts will tell the full story.

  2. Gobe!

    Its a common plot. Though, I’m sure there is a twist coming. Nice.

  3. @namdi

    It is a three episode story. And as for your twist…hmm, let’s wait n see…

    Thanks for reading

  4. “Your husband! But I thought he had travelled,” my voice shook and it was tinged with fear.

    No need for the ”and it was tinged with fear.”

    ‘I could (felt) relief ‘.

    The story is too clichéd.

    1. Clichéd? Chei… wait and see the sequel sir.

      Thanks for reading

  5. Everyday for the thief but one hot afternoon for the owner

    1. Hmm… but it’s a matter of three sinners.

      Thanks for reading.

  6. Quite Interesting…

    1. @Emmanuelpro

      Thanks for reading through.

  7. Waiting for the other two to turn up.

  8. possibly the husband has his own lover in the dark. I want to see how u plan to turn this around.@kodeya

    1. @funpen

      I will let you read the story… their is a twist sha… btw, part two is out

  9. The husband sef… ..hin own too much

    1. I dey tell you hahahahaha,him too much jare

  10. By jove! this is quite hilarious! It got me really laughing; you have one thing going for you -wittiness with your presentation. But that said, there is still the need to improve on your diction, especially with the almost too many grammatical errors here and there. Some of them are listed here:
    …I bent… (I supposed, ‘I went on all fours’ would have sufficed)
    …her husband intercepted… (probably you wanted to write ‘interrupted’?)
    …I could felt relief coursed through…(I felt a surge of relief…)
    Your story is very funny, and i truly look forward to the next part.

    1. @myself

      Different writers with different views.
      It is good if you can express a scene with lesser words.

      Thanks for your comment.

  11. “The opening of the door shut the window of my thoughts”. Hmmm, nice write up

  12. Your typical caught pants-down story.

    I like the twist at the end. In fact that would have been a good way to end the story and leave readers imagination hanging. I hope you have a very good sequel as it progresses.

    However I’m not wowed by the metaphors you used in the story:

    “If Tolu’s husband remains adamant, there was no way I would get out of here, but the moment he leaves, I would be free like the legs of a cripple..” — that just doesnt cut the right picture. How is can one be free like the legs of a cripple? I think you could have used a better metaphor.

    “I could see his tuber-like hairy legs that looked like a Bigfoot monster’s legs. ” —- this is another weak metaphor. If you truly know what Big foot looks like, you’ll understand why I say its weak. It ends up creating the wrong picture.

    I believe if you re-wrote this again it would come out better….

    Keep writing, you’ll only get better.

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