Your eyes

Tonight I looked in your eyes

I just saw what I’d been

suspecting all this while.

All this while, I’ve been praying

and from what I saw

I know those prayers have been answered.


Looking into your eyes

got me scared, thoughts racing

nerves freezing, mood chilling

Unbelievably, I am afraid to love

afraid to open up myself to you

scared of being hurt, scared of being loved.


“It’s better to have loved and lost

than not to have loved at all”

This proverb I recite to myself

all day and all night

as I try to come to terms with reality

but then I can’t help but have doubts.


Its so ironical that I should feel this way

after how much I prayed for it

and for how long I’ve wanted you.

I look at your eyes again, I see you’re scared too;

Scared of being hurt, scared of being loved.

Please don’t be afraid, I love you.

11 thoughts on “Your eyes” by Uche Ebo (@uchennaebo)

  1. Nice poem tho… But the first verse does not complement the last verse! Don’t know if I was the one that didn’t get the correlation!

    1. @kleavajimcy thanx. I write what i feel, may not always come out perfect but thanx a million. Point taken.

  2. Whatever happened to rhyme and rythm in poetry?

    1. @kaycee Thanx for looking in. Dont expect too much o!! i’m just expressing my self as I know best. Thanx boss.

  3. @Uche Ebo. Nice piece, though it read more like stanzas from a song. I actually thought each line in a poem is supposed to start with a capital letter (unless I’m behind already). Again, the message in the first verse seemed to conflict with that of the final verse. Always bear in mind that we are all here to improve on our writing. Well done.

    1. @Leekwid. Thanx. Joined the site with pen and pad to relax and take notes while learning from all your experience. Thanx so much.

  4. I love this poem, it is very beautiful and I can relate to that feeling of insecurity, that hesitation when you are at the brink of what you have sought all along….cos you are afraid things may……yhu know what I mean?

    1. @Hymar. Gbam!!! you’re in the zone. Thanx a million!

  5. Okay o…
    I think that there are certain things – potent images that can be added to make this far more lovelier.
    NOTE that this is good but it is still basic in many respects … I believe that the basic strength of poetry lies largely in its tautness. This means you can take out things that are unnecessary. Take out things and see if the poem flows. If it does, then…
    In my opinion, the whole stanza of ‘It’s better to be loved and lost’ can easily be done away with. You look through the poem, again, if you would. Weed out anything unnecessary and if there are cliches, see if you can replace them.

    In the end, I think we would all be the better…

    Still, well done on your poem. Cheers, S’

    1. @Sueddie Agema. Thanx so much for your comment. eye opening. Cheers

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