Yes You

Yes You

Your smiles gives me all I wish for,
It makes me sprout like the oil-bean tree from NIFOR,
Even your sweet hips my thigh always asks for,
So tell me my love,
If I don’t make you happy,
What am I a friend for?

Your heart pure and clean like the firmament,
Your smiles treads my every thick and thin,
Like purity sieves through a white garment,
And like the lirical voice of a stick on tin,
You threw-in your emotional empire,
Making me the head government.

Yes you,
You know of my thoughts before I concieve it,
You eat of my heart’s sweet aroma even before I percive it,
Your joy takes away the burden life and her struggle give me.

Yes you my love!
You are who you are,
Others simply not you
All that makes you my special and a top heat are my only found usefuls.

I am so happy it’s still you today,
Because you are just you my love.

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