Will You Marry Me…?

Will You Marry Me…?


Beautiful it was for me on that ugly day for many. Watching the rain drizzle from the sky, trees swinging their branches helter skelter, hiding their faces from the wind of furry and umbrellas raised so high like flags sheltering the innocent from the heavy down pour . Horns echoing, sending messages to the drenched traffic lights, daylight fading away gradually by the royalty of darkness and everyone wishing the traffic lights were the rainbow.

Deep in thought I was, caressing the most beautiful thing i had ever bought. Should I just keep it and wait for a brighter day? or should I put it on her finger and illuminate my life this dark day? Would she jump on me and say yes? Or would she just say no and walk away with my heart in her hands?
My mind never seemed to stop propelling a relay of thoughts.

Man up man, face your fears or they’ll face you echoed in my head. It was just 4 p.m though it seemed like 7p.m. I knew she would have closed from work, so I marched into the battle field of love with hopes higher than Mt. Everest, wishing gravitational force won’t reach that height…out I went with a decision of a life time.

Oh no! I hadn’t even gotten to her place of work and there she was radiant as ever, the umbrella couldn’t even blur her beauty…I kinda froze there a bit, checking to be sure the ring was still in my pocket.

The closer she came, the more i wished I left the ring at home. She was in a good mood, thank God! Tallking about chocolates and ice cream in that cold weather…then I belled the cat!! I kissed the floor with my shoes and did the old school “one knee” scenerio on the road soaked in the rain……”will you marry me?”……

Everyone froze, the traffic light turned red and for a moment there, I thought I felt the rain halt. Indeed sometimes, silence can be louder than noise.

Now, hopes at the top of Mt. Everest, heart beating faster than a talking drum, rain piercing my skin and sending shivers to my heart, mind lost in the land of anxiety.
…..At last she spoke….
She said No.

Silence is a killer!
What did I do wrong? That was my fear all along!

Embarrased in the presence of the people who pitied with the “awwww” sound, ashamed of myself before the rain that boiled my head hot at its touch, disgraced by the look of the traffic light which turned yellow showing pity.

Heart skipping beats, mind not in control anymore…so I got up from my awkward position dodging any mannequin paparatzi in thick darkness and accepting my fate…..but suddenly out loud it echoed and I couldn’t believe my ears.
” Must men always propose to women? Let’s do it differently today. I’m doing the proposal… “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

By Aminu Lekan.

6 thoughts on “Will You Marry Me…?” by Lekan (@Aminu)

  1. Watching the rain drizzle from the sky,……….sheltering the innocent from the heavy down pour
    – Just wondering if its not contradictory (drizzle/ heavy down pour).

    Nice piece.

  2. Eeyah! poor you; pele.

  3. What a great ending.

  4. I like the poetic narrative and the fact that it flips the gender in the proposal.
    Some words were misspelt. Furry – fury, scenerio – scenario, paparatzi – paparazzi. Check ’em.
    Well done, Lekan.

  5. Lol! I could actually hear your heartbeat stop at the sound of a “No”
    Great narrative Lekan@Aminu. I Like!!!
    Just take note of the corrections mentioned

  6. Out of the world piece indeed!
    Beautiful plus.

    But I think the ‘NO’ she said at first would still have effect on him psychologically and he might not be able to fully express his ‘WAOH!’

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