Why do I love her?

I’m asked why I love her…
She is one that understands the simple things of life, d joy of small beginnings, d wisdom of a mentor, d bond of friendship, d values of family, d pain of death
she believes in d dreams of d hopeless, embraces d vision of the talented, d mission of individuality

She humbles among the illiterate, she stands tall among educated, she is a believer in our future, accepts to work from my present reality, appreciates the world around her, she understands d laughter of d baby, she differentiates not between people but accepts them all with d knowledge that they all have something to offer..

My family to her isn’t in-laws but family, she treats both families as one and thesame, she fights our battles, she bears our burden. We are more than her everything! We are her only thing;

I don’t see her as just wife, she is mama, she is my sister, she is my brother, she is my everything, she is God’s gift to me….I asked for His best…and He blew my mind

Why do I love her…I’m complete. I’m favoured from God. I sleep in peace, my home is peaceful…I wake daily with thanksgiving in my heart with songs of praise in my heart. I do God’s work…I’m called blessed.

I’m a man with vision, I’m a man in whom God is pleased…It was a process, a pathway…but I say thank you.

Future wifey…dedicated to you.

10 thoughts on “Why do I love her?” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. “The” ain’t that difficult to type nah.

    Future wifey must be a superwoman. If she has a younger sister, please inform me…..just joking.

  2. Thank you sir *smiling* compliments of the season

  3. I’m tempted to write a sequel in answer to your question.
    This is beautiful. Well done!

    1. Aaaawwww. Please do….it will be awesome. Compliments. And pls do tag me when posted

  4. beautiful!!

    1. Thank you. Compliments of d season

  5. Future wife has heard.
    Prepare yourself for her and she’ll prepare herself for you.

    Nice one.

    1. Preparing very hard already *winks* thanks. Compliments of the season

    1. Thank you ma. Have an awesome yuletide celebration. Compliments

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