THIS LIFE NA JE-JE  – Episode 9 [ Serial Radio Drama Script]

THIS LIFE NA JE-JE – Episode 9 [ Serial Radio Drama Script]




 “Episode 9”

Written by    George O. Ndukwu










                                       TEST SCRIPT                       April 19, 2013                          © All rights reserved.




 20 years old

 Undergraduate

 Virgin

 Member of a Student Youth

 Lives with his parents in the senior staff quarters

 Lives next door to KeeCee, her boyfriend


Dr. May Okoro – Lecturer (POSITIVE)

 45 years old

 Lectured for 15 years

 Lives in the University Campus with her family

Can be caring especially towards children

 Well respected member of the community

 Married with two children: Adanna aged 20 and Kachi aged 17

 House:  four bedroom bungalow with big courtyard

She is a Short jovial lady, 5ft 6.

 Natural hair and of a light complexion

 She is a very pleasant lady that smiles a lot

 Husband is smart and educated


Kelechi ‘Kaycee’  (NEGATITIVE)

 22 years old.

 Undergraduate

 Adventurous and reckless

 Drinks occasionally, don’t smoke

 Student cultist

 Tattoo on left arm

 Avid soccer player and fan

 Lives with his parents in the staff quarters


1.  MUSIC:             [bed]HIP HOP MUSIC. CONTINUE UNDER.

2.  ADANNA:            Kaycee stop this now! Haba. You go use your weight break this bed o.

3.  KAYCEE:            Baby wait now. Oya lie down very well now.

4.  SOUND:             BED CREAKS

5.  ADANNA:            You go spoil my zip, just wait.

6.  KAYCEE:            Sebi you promise me say na today. Say na my birthday gift e go be.

7.  ADANNA:            [SIGHS] Leave my skirt jare.  Na so other people de take celebrate them birthday? You wan use me celebrate your own.

8.  KAYCEE:            Baby you know say I love you

9.  ADANNA:            Instead you go take your girlfriend out… [STRESSING] you dey here de put hand inside her skirt.

10.  KAYCEE:           Adanna, na you be my only baby, hmm… pls give me your body and your soul

11.  ADANNA:           See you. [IMITATES] g.i.v.e  m.e  y.o.u.r b.o.d.y  a.n.d  s.o.u.l.  Wetin go come remain for my husband na?

12.  KAYCEE:           Hmmmmmm, my tomato jos!

13.  ADANNA:           Abeeegi…Leave that one. Kai you know say your body heavy. Stand up first Make I go ease myself.

14.  SOUND:            BED CREAKS

15.  KAYCEE:           If you come back we go do am?


17.  ADANNA:           [FROM THE TOP] Wait!…shhhh[PAUSE]…e be like say somebody dey come upstairs

18.  KAYCEE:           I been think say na only you dey house?

19.  ADANNA:           My Mumsie don land. [ALARMED] Na she! You no de hear kom. Kom. Kom, Na her step be that.

20.  KAYCEE:           Na here She de come?


22.  ADANNA:           Oya get up from the bed [TENSED] Abeg,abeg… ehn, hold the other side of the bed sheet. Abeg make we dress the bed [AD LIB UNDER]


24.  ADANNA:           [GASPS] Yes!


26.  DR. MAY:          [OFF MIC] Did you lock the door?

27.  ADANNA:           No ma, I mean yes mummy. let me open it.

28.  SOUND:            [KEY UNLOCKS 2X. DOOR OPENS]

29.  ADANNA:            Good evening Mummy

30.  DR. MAY:          O you are back from school. Why is the door locked? [BEAT]… who is this? … from the house opposite, eh?

31.  KAYCEE:           [NERVY] Yes ma, good evening ma!

32.  DR. MAY:          [SURPRISED] What is going on here? And why is the room dark?… will someone shut down that music… and open the windows too!

33. ADANNA:            Yes Mummy

34. MUSIC:             HIP HOP MUSIC. stop.


36. DR. MAY:           Ehn, Let the sunlight come in. Adanna your room is very untidy. Hmm, banana and orange peelings everywhere… [EXCLAIMS] Chineke mee! na wetin be this? What is that on the bed?

37. ADANNA:            Ma… Mummy?

38. DR. MAY:           I say what is this? Wetin dey happen here? Young man can you explain what that box of condoms is doing on top of that bed?

39.  KAYCEE:           Ma em ehm, the HIV people, … I mean some people wey dey preach against HIV share am for school today,…yes, dem say na sensitization

40.  DR. MAY:           And dem tell you to come use am sensitize my daughter, ehn?. Oya give it to me

41.  ADANNA:           Mummmmmmmmmmmmmy!

42.  DR. MAY:          Ok. Maybe dis na the right time to talk about this.[BEAT] hmm, Na pidgin English una wey be university students dey use for discussion eh?

43.  KAYCEE:           Na so ma

44.  DR. MAY:          Ok. Oya two of you sit down make we talk. So Young man how old are you?.. and your name? …bring de chair here, You fit siddon with Adanna on the bed.

45.  SOUND:            BED CREAKS 2X

46.  ADANNA:           Mummy him name na [STRESSES]Kaycee or Kelechi. And today na him birthday.

47.  DR. MAY:          Well I no know ur family well. I know say your papa and mama na Lecturers like us, if not, dem no fit live for this senior staff quarters. Your papa get four children?

48. KAYCEE:            Na so ma

49. DR. MAY:           Anyway you and Adanna na age mate, Na only two years you take senior am. Now make una listen carefully.

50.  ADANNA:           Mummy I’m a lady. Our age no suppose be public matter, biko.

51.  DR. MAY:          Shut up my friend. Oya wetin you know about man and woman relationship

52.  ADANNA:           Mummy which kain question be that?

53.  DR. MAY:          Look my children, our people say na Fly wey no de hear word nah hin de follow dead bodi enter ground. Young people like una no suppose to begin de kolobi like man and woman until una marry.

54. KAYCEE/ADANNA:     Yes madam/ok

Notin dey wrong if two of una just be friends, just be careful how u de live and how una wan live… The best thing in life is for young people like una to wait until them marry, before dem go begin to de jolly as husband and wife.

54. KAYCEE:            Yes madam

55. DR. MAY:           if una wey still be students and young people begin to de do jolly-jolly, that is the one oyibo de call pre-marital sex, you fit contact yama-yama disease like HIV or you fit even carry belle.

56. ADANNA             Not my portion!


57. DR. MAY:           Ok oo. I don talk finish. During our own time, like about twenty years ago, when we be una age, we been dey hot oo, but we still used our tongue to count our teeth.

58. ADANNA:            Mummy haba! You hot? I no believe o

59. DR. MAY:           You don hear the story of the frail old woman. She say if no be for gray hair, say dem still be young guys [LAUGHTER]… I even get serious boyfriend then

60. ADANNA:            Serious? Mummy where him dey now?

61. DR. MAY:           If your Daddy come back, ask am. hin know[SMILING] Oya arrange this your room, then make una come downstairs come chop.


63. ADANNA:            Kaycee na wah for you o…You really prepare o, so you carry your boot wan come play away match

64. KAYCEE:            Ehn now. Abi we no discuss am?… Oya come o, your mumsie don clear

65. ADANNA:            Oh your mind still dey there, ehn?

66. KAYCEE:            Sebi we were about doing it before your mumsie come land.[BESEECHING]A promise is a promise o

67. ADANNA:            So Kaycee, all dis thing my mumsie yarn you no hear am?

68. KAYCEE:            I love you now… and you know we don agree

69.ADANNA:             ok, even if we must do it, we agreed to use protection. And my mama don collect am, so?.. I never do this thing before, I no wan carry belle o!

70.KAYCEE:             E no matter now, eh baby. Baby you know say I be man, and na we e dey hungry pass. Hmm baby?

We for don finish since

71.ADANNA:             Finish wetin? Na you sabi. [SLOWLY] Ooo leave me. Wait, mek I stand up

72.SOUND:              [BED CREAKS]

Me I don’t know oooo. Wait make I go piss first.

73.KAYCEE:             So we go do the jolly when you come back?

74.ADANNA:             Me I dey confused. In short I no know

75  SOUND:             [FOOTSTEPS FADE OUT]

76. MUSIC:             [bridge] theme music



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  1. Yeah, nice. Reads totally like a radio show. However, the intro of your characters was somehow… For non playwrights, we would think that Positive and negative meant HIV status.
    If Adanna like may she no pursue Kaycee and im nepa pole comot for her room.
    Well done.

  2. @sibbylwhite
    Those are character profiles(negative, positive &transitional characters), usually for Sabido Method behaviour change serial radio drama.

  3. A good way to pass on the message to teenagers and young adults.

  4. Yeah! I like the way you passed your message aross.
    Well done.

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