The Die Is Cast

The Die Is Cast

They say life is a play,
or maybe a market place,
but whatever u say,
it’s a where we stay,
to mingle, to giggle,
to hustle, to fumble,
to love and be hurt,
by people around us.

Today the merry continues,
but without her that lived,
a mother like a father,
a teacher and friend,
her role in the drama is over,
she’s gone to The father,
to collect her wage,
we’ll miss u much woman,
but the die is cast!


4 thoughts on “The Die Is Cast” by Adeleye Adeyemo (@adeleyeadeyemo)

  1. The poem seem to me of a battle than missing someone… Welldone sha

    1. thanks…i miss the dead.

  2. Sounds like someone died in this poem, but it’s not very clearly expressed, @adeleyeadeyemo.

    1. yes someone died. i tried my best to express it though…

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