Saturdays Play Holy

Saturdays Play Holy

like the cacophonous noises
in an Aswani market day.
Comedic languages of
the unknown; sounding like
a deluge of pebbles
falling on an iron roof.

Whitening atmosphere,
feets stomping dirt
into hovering fog. Hands
up high or clapping out
demons of reddish palms.
Heads nodding rhythmically
with their puffed-up shoulders.

Spiritual gyrations.
The swirling of maidens
to the north, west, east
and back to the south.
Shaking with one leg up,
the other – tiptoeing.
Until they tip and fall
mindlessly like harmattan
dry leaves in Christmas eve.

epileptic display –
strewn on the marble floor.
Then there is silence!
Breath in, breath out!
They are the finest, .
fancy vessels of the bearded prophet.

3 thoughts on “Saturdays Play Holy” by Daniel Nwachukwu (@Godson)

  1. Thanx Kaycee, I hope my fellow NS citizens will capture the picture behind this piece.

  2. O goody, goody! I like this alot! cool cool!

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