Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela

Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela

Finally he delivered honourable farewell
And left with his peaceful atmosphere

Along with him
Incomparable crown of freedom he took
What a painful joy
An utmost hero black ever had

If death can be postponed
Caved,banished or even waylaid
And not to proceed in its duty of taking lives
Everything we would have done
To see his(Mandela) life kept till forever more

But it is a pity that nothing,nothing at all
Could dare interfere the concrete agreement
Between God and nature

We’ll never forget
His greatness on earth
Despite the fact that he left

Sweet goodbye
To our father
Great grand father
Great great grand father
Nelson R. mandela

. Odesola Akintunde T.

4 thoughts on “Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela” by akintunde (@akyno)

  1. Nice piece you put together. Well said.

  2. this is beautiful…

    1. Thanks so much silvanus

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