I Go Go (5)

I Go Go (5)

I open my eyes and look around me.

I’m in the hospital no doubt and I remember my husband was involved in an accident so it’s where I should be right now but I’m lying on a bed and a drip is fastened to my left arm.

Did something happen to me?

I  place my free hand on my stomach as if I can tell whether or not the baby’s still alive just by doing so.

“You didn’t tell me you are pregnant. Don’t worry, the baby’s fine.” My boss says as he walks into the ward.

“What happened? Why am I here? How’s my husband?” I ask, trying to sit up from the bed and eager to know what is going on.

“Don’t do anything rash Biola, your husband’s fine. You fainted at the scene of the accident, that’s why you are here.” He answers in a calm voice and forces me to lie back with care before settling on the only chair in the ward.

“I’m so sorry Sir, this is all my fault. I shouldn’t have done something this stupid, I wasn’t-”

“It’s alright Biola, what you did was good, if you hadn’t done that, that accident wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t know the kind of ailment your husband’s suffering from.”

Ailment? My husband wasn’t sick before the accident.

“What’s wrong with my husband?”

My boss sighs and holds my hand; the one with the drip.

“It’s nothing serious. He’s responding to treatment and will be in good shape in no time.”

“You just said my husband’s suffering from an ailment Sir, please tell me what’s wrong with him.”

“Errm, well, you and I know he had an accident so of course it’s right for me to say he’s not okay but then, he’s getting better. You just need to get some rest.”

I stare at my boss and realize he’s twitching his fingers; I’ve been working with him long enough to know he only does that when he’s agitated or there’s a situation on ground beyond his control.

A feeling of dread washes over me.

I can tell he is hiding something from me, something terrible.

“I want to see my husband and I want to see him now.” I say in a slow firm voice.

The fake smile on my boss’ face vanishes and is replaced with fear.

“Okay, I’ll get the doctor.”

Few minutes after rushing out of the ward, he walks back in closely followed by the doctor and a nurse. The nurse is carrying a tray.

“Madam, thank God you are awake.” The doctor says as he removes his stethoscope from around his neck and grabs my free hand to check my pulse.

“I’m fine doctor. Please I just want to see my husband.”

I’m quick enough to notice the glances the doctor and my boss exchange before the former clears his throat and shows me his white set of teeth.

“That’s not a problem Madam; you’ll see your husband as soon as I administer your last medication.” He gestures at the contents of the tray the Nurse is carrying.

If taking an injection is all I have to do to see my husband then, so be it.

The doctor picks a small bottle from the tray and injects its content into what is left of my drip.

“You are not strong enough to see your husband in his present situation madam. This injection will help you get some sleep and when you get better, we will talk about your husband.”

I make an attempt to pull out the drip but it’s too late and I’m starting to feel the effect of the sleeping injection.

I drift into a deep sleep, the doctor’s words forming a knot in my throat…



19 thoughts on “I Go Go (5)” by Bibbie (@Bibbie)

  1. @Bibbie.I hope that devil of a husband is okay for the sake of her unborn child……. Nice one!!!

  2. Its nice reading from your series again…..I GO GO.

    Nice. Waiting for the next episode.

    1. @namdi Sorry this came late, hopefully, the next one will come soon…and will be better too.
      Tanks for reading.

  3. Eagerly waiting too.
    Something tells me, her new conflict will be that she can’t leave him cos she feels guilty.

    1. @olajumoke maybe…we’ll see how far she can go putting up with him.
      Thank you so much for reading.

  4. @Bibie- can not wait for next episode

    1. It’ll come soon. Thanks for reading.

  5. Nice read.. I fear the worst might have happened to Biola’s husband

    1. Thanks for reading

  6. @Bibbie Annoyingly abridged.

    1. @kingowen Lol, don’t worry. The next episode’s longer.

  7. dnt kill me with suspense swthrt…

  8. @BIBBIE, don’t give somebody heart-attack ohhhhhhhhh……..NICE

  9. What is going on here na?

  10. @Bibbie, please where is part 3 & 4 of the story?

  11. The stethoscope is not used for checking pulse.

    Omg…..does he have HIV??

    Or maybe cancer?? Could have a tumor in his brain.

    Maybe mental disorder…….hmmmm

    1. @Zikora Lol, I understand why u think I meant the doctor checked her pulse with a stethoscope but don’t forget I didn’t say he ‘used’ it to check her pulse.
      Thanks for reading, Everyone!

      1. Lol….. cool.

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