Big ‘Nyansh’ Equals Big Brains – Really?

Big ‘Nyansh’ Equals Big Brains – Really?

There’s this bit of news that has been circulating which is bound to bring a smile to the faces of women with a big behinds – the news of a discovery that women with big butts are healthier and smarter. I came across the information on another website and it got me into deep thought.

I used to marvel at big butts and think they were a sexy joke played by nature on women. But after being in a few relationships with carriers of this ‘derriere de magnificent’, I’m sort of thinking that what this research says may have some truth in it.

But then we shouldn’t get it twisted because a lot of people will get deceived by manipulation of this info and the facts of life on ground.

If a big behind makes a woman smarter, then we should be wary of women with fake behinds; I’m not talking of people wearing butt-pads alone but the ones that get butt implants. This category of ladies unfortunately are like a paradox to what this research says. Their decision to get big ‘nyansh’ is not motivated by smart thinking but a feeling of insecurity and complex. Also, its not a healthy thing to do; rather than be smarter and healthier, you are making a stupid decision and endangering your health.

According to a report from the Latin Post:

Those with inflated derrières have lower insulin resistance, and they produce hormones that better metabolize sugar — which means these women are less likely to develop heart problems or diabetes than women who carry extra weight around their stomachs. These women also tend to have lower cholesterol; and they tend be smarter, because they produce more Omega 3 fats, which mobilizes brain development.

Researchers indicate that fat in the lower body is preferred to fat anywhere else throughout the body. Dr. Michael Jensen, director of endocrine research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. stated that the fat of pear-shaped women behaves in healthy ways, and that the public should think about fat “as an important organ for our health.”

“It is the protective role of lower body, that is [thigh and backside] fat, that is striking. The protective properties of the lower body fat depot have been confirmed in many studies conducted in subjects with a wide range of age, BMI and co-morbidities,” ABC News said, quoting the Journal of Obesity.

Dr. Robert Kushners, medical specialist in obesity at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, clarified that fat in the stomach is “more metabolically active,” therefore harmful, while fat in the lower regions may be more stable.

Big Butt Theory

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Tolu Oniru, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Okay. Let’s do a small roll-call of popular women with big butts and find out if they are really smart.

Can we then say that that Jennifer Lopez is smarter and healthier? Maybe she is with the way she delved from music into movies and also established her own business of perfumes amongst others.

What about Kim Kardashian? – Unless she had ‘nyansh’ implants then I’m not buying the theory. Apart from having a baby, I’m still yet to discover any smart thing she has done.

Big bottomed Tolu Oniru aka Toolz of Beat FM is no doubt a smart woman ’cause it shows in her personality and the way she handles matters on air.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has also proven beyond doubt on a grand scale that bigger butt equals bigger brain with her all her achievements.

These are just a few out of a number of celebrities who are ‘nyansh’ representing.

All those video vixens in music videos flaunting their behinds nko? Let’s not be deceived; there’s a lot of fake butt (implants) as mentioned earlier to ply the trade.

I have met women with big butts that are really smart – like some of my female friends, three of my female colleagues in the office, a family friend etc.

I’ve also come across women with gracious butts that have been seriously stupid with their choices in life and fail to exhibit any form of smartness.

Is it that the smartness is there but they are refusing to manifest it?

Does this ‘big butt equals big brains’ theory really hold water?

The only conclusion I can give is that any woman with big butt who is not smart or healthy, something is wrong somewhere.



30 thoughts on “Big ‘Nyansh’ Equals Big Brains – Really?” by Afronuts (@Afronuts)

  1. Just as no be by chest for men, no be by nyansh for women too. Pari

  2. Kleavajimcy (@Kleavajimcy)

    Very funny article tho’… No be by yansh ooo… Na by brain! Shey u hear?

    1. @Kleavajimcy

      I no know oh…prove am!

      1. Kleavajimcy (@Kleavajimcy)

        Make I prove say na brain demd take fink?L…very funny!

  3. What some people spend their short life on earth considering always baffle me.

    1. @kaycee

      Hahahah! I tire oh!

  4. No be by Nyash at all…..

    1. @kodeya

      lol…you sound like u don meet plenty stupid females with big behinds…

  5. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    What a nyaashy matter.

    1. @Nalongo

      Yeah….a very nyanshy one

  6. But truly if na by de size of ‘Nyansh’, then South African women for de carry first for eferytin wey dem de do. The truth na say if u get brain, u get brain, and if u no get am, u no get am; weda ur ‘Nyansh’ big or e small.

    1. @myself

      lol…but did you read the Latin Post report link in the article?

  7. Lols @Afronuts I can only laugh.

    I’m sure deep down you know the answer.

    1. @Mimiadebayo

      *Forming ignorance*

      I don’t know oh!….Hahahaha!

  8. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Afronuts, wahala wey science go cause, I dont believe size of yansh get anything to do with size of brain or vice versa.

    1. @Blackgold

      Abi? I have seen stupid women with gargantuan asses…so how we explain that?

  9. Segun (@Segunprospa)

    What i know is that most ladies are dick heads. I want to buy bb, I want to buy android – why?, because others are buying it. They dress half naked all over the place, constantly thinking of sex, meeting a new guy, and getting money from him. They are completely a nuisance to our society.
    The bigger the butt, the more annoying they are.

    1. @Segunprospa


      Nna men…you sound like a victim that has suffered in the ‘Maga zone’…Maybe you’re mixing with the wrong crowd.

      Abeg take am easy oh…there are still good women out there.

      And I agree…big butt can be annoying some times…especially when they fart, the butt cheeks amplify the sound…

  10. @afronuts… I came across that article and thought it funny. Brain na brain, nyash na nyash. Why do this ‘sighentricks’ people stir up trouble ehn? Soon they will develop a way of injecting Omega 3FA into the butt as a way to compensate. Anyway, it means there are more smarter black women than white, innit?
    Na for dia pocket sha, me and my frying pan nyash, we are doing just fine.

    @segunprospa. Woah. The lot you have encountered must have done a number on you. Dick-heads you say? It’s not as if the dicks buy those things for free, or do they? ‘A nuisance to our society’ Would you would be happier in a gay community? No dick-heads to trouble you at all.

    1. @sibbylwhyte

      LMAO! You raised a very smart point there! Oyinbo wey get flat bum nko? Are they less smart? And we know that’s not true.

      Hahahaha…even you sef na testimony – with a frying pan nyansh as you claim, you still dey very intelligent.
      But seriously….your butt no look flat in that your photo oh…

      @segunprospa she raised a valid point there oh! Would you prefer Gay tinz?

  11. Segun (@Segunprospa)

    Don’t get it twisted. We don’t want a (evil) gay society. I don’t know if you know the way i feel when I look at my fellow citizens being absolutely unproductive. Youths that doesn’t want to work. That’s what I mean. I’m just Concern about my country. Nothing is right. We’re loosing our values, everything. I have a lady and I’m schooling her(it took a lot to convince her) even if she will quit the relationship later. I will be glad i made a person from a nobody she wanted to make herself. I love butt but butt without brain is a problem.

    1. @Segunprospa

      Wow…now I understand where you’re coming from.

      Well said bro…makes a whole lot of sense!

  12. @afronuts… Na because of me dem bring out that foam-nyash na. Lol. The thing dey work walai!
    @segunprosa. You are doing a commendable thing, I hope she appreciates it and understands the reason why you set out to do it. Hopefully, she won’t dissappoint relationship wise.

    1. @sibbylwhyte

      O kare! Keep deceiving all potential!

      And you’re right. @Segunprospa really did a commendable thing. I just hope the girl knows the value of the guyu she’s got.

  13. Very interesting write up. However what do you have to say about our Japenese and Chinese sisters? They are notoriously known for their “figure one” but they are very, very smart. Nothing to do with the backside. So for me this “behind theory doesn’t hold water.” If you want to be accomplished do it the old fashion tested and trusted way:hardwork.

    1. Nice one @amy78

      I never even thought about those ones.

      But you know I’m not saying the theory holds water oh…I still think it has more loopholes than a basket.

  14. Segun (@Segunprospa)

    Amen ooooooo!
    The fact is that such thing could destabilize a person forever. But as for me, EMMANUEL.

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