A Triangle of Death

“Sleep with me, Lola, Be with me. And I’ll make it worth your while. I promise.” Duro said, shattering the fun atmosphere in the kitchen, as Lola cooked and he cleaned up after her.

Even as he spoke, Duro knew he was taking a stupid risk, but it was worth it for him.

The surprise was complete – he, a guest in the house seducing the wife of his host while they were alone at home.

Duro dropped the plate he was washing and moved towards the surprised Lola, where she stood with her back turned to the gas-cooker the food she was cooking sat on.

“What do you say?” He pushed, stepping closer to her. As he reached out to touch her, she revived from her temporary shock and backed into the cooker.

“Are you high?” Her voice was tiny, strained by the incredulity of the plea addressed to her

“I’m not, you know I’ve not done that shit for some time. Gave it all up, sweetheart. But you, I want you.” He’d moved so close to her, his words had acquired the nature of an intimate whisper.

She whirled around suddenly, grabbed the hot soup ladle and used it as a shield to stop Duro’s advance

“You know very well that I’m married, you know I’m with child and I’m happy right where I am in my home and with the man I’m fucking! So you can take your promiscuous penis and shove it up your face.”

Duro paused, not quite understanding the sudden turn of events.

“I thought you had some feelings for me, Lola or were you just teasing?”

Lola had a flush of rue, but she brushed it aside; the flirting had been harmless for her and she definitely was not expecting this.

“Teasing? Duro dear, you are a wonderful man, nice, gracious, handsome and even home-trained, which is cute. I appreciate your contributions to this house, how you help out and bring some joy into It. I love that about you but I don’t have such feelings for you – first, you are gay and second there is the matter of my husband.” There was a wistful smile on her face as if she expected both his understanding of the situation she’d described and that her talk would end the matter immediately.

“Lola, I told you I’m bisexual, for Christ’s sake, even if its been a while I’ve been with a woman; and as to your husband, I can take care of that!”

“Oh, you can?” She asked with mock pleasure “Well, tell me about that, how you would ‘take care of that’, you fucking lunatic.” Unconsciously she’d stepped to him angrily, poking him in the chest with the ladle and staining his shirt.

Duro stepped back, with a sheepish tilt of his lips. “I’m sorry if I sounded callous, but I have strong feelings for you, stronger than I’ve ever felt for any woman in my life and by God, I want to be with you like I’ve never wanted anything in my life.” The rushed way he spoke underlined the earnestness behind his words.

“Be realistic for once! This is not like you experimenting with drugs and your rich parents sending you abroad to a rehab, this is real life with consequences, Dee. Let’s assume I say yes to you right now and forget how long you and my husband have been friends, and all that, let’s say I fuck you now, what next? We forget it happened and keep acting like normal? Can’t you see how…”

“No. You are not getting me, Lola…sex for me is about commitment, I don’t do casual sex. I want to have you, you’ll leave your husband and come with me. I will adopt your child, and be a good father to it and you know I can take care of you and the child as much, if not better than he can do.”

“Duro, you may be richer than he is, but you are not the man he is. You still live in your youthful cocoon of disregarding social conventions as if they were irrelevancies, of being impulsive like this with your actions.” She said, gesticulating with her hands

“Don’t, Lola, don’t…I’m as equal to him and maybe better. The maturity you ascribe to him is just his cowardice and fear showing; my disbelief in social inanities like marriage does not make me juvenile, it marks me as original, unafraid of living my conclusions on life’s lessons. And today, I’ll show you exactly what I mean.” He stormed out of the kitchen, throwing the wash-clothe he’d hung on his shoulders hard on the sink.

That evening, Duro packed up his belongings and waited till Remi, Lola’s husband returned.

Remi had barely pulled off his suit-jacket to mix some cold drink for himself when Duro came into the living room.

“Hey, sweetness!” Remi greeted as he went toward the cabinet “come share a drink with me.”

“Thanks Remi, but No.”

“No? Never known you to turn down my world-class, custom-made drinks, so what’s wrong?”

“Remi, I’m sorry but I can’t keep doing this anymore.”

Remi turned about to face Duro, confusion showing in his pose

“Keep doing what?”

“This! Our relationship, I’m out. And I’m sorry, but I’ve not been feeling us for some time…I tried to push all that aside, but I can’t. I need to feel involved and excited about whatever relationship I’m in…”

“You’re leaving me?”

Duro kept silent for a moment “Yes, Remi.”

“Uh.” Remi said, shrugged and turned back to mixing his drinks. After some minutes of awkward silence while he finished making his drink, he waved his hands at him. “Ok, no problem. But remember, it’s you walking away now. Remember!”

“I’m really sorry, Remi…”

“Fuck your sorries, just leave me be.”

“I’ve packed my stuff up, so I’ll be leaving now.”

“Yippie-kah-yay, motherfucker. Gerrout!!” He took a long sip of the drink.

Duro lingered, “Remi, I didn’t plan this -”

Remi stamped the almost empty glass, loudly, on the bar-top.

“I said fuck-off!!” He shouted with anger “Get the hell out!!”

Duro left.

Remi went up to his wife’s room, his steps unsteady as he climbed the stairs.

Lola was reclining on the bed, reading one of her innumerable books, in an almost unclothe state, but he’d long realized he was not sexually motivated by women.

“Lols…did anything happen today while I was at work?”

Lola knew what he meant, she’d heard what transpired downstairs in the living room, but she could not tell him what happened earlier in the day. “No, why?”

“So you didn’t notice Duro packing up today?”

“I kinda did but I just thought you guys were going on a surprise trip or something.”

“How could you think so? I always tell you beforehand if we were going on a trip! Good lord, You’re my bloody wife, act like it! I expect you to know every fucking thing happening in this house; you see my live-in lover packing, you oughta be fucking curious. God!”

Lola sat up, acting agitated.

“Pipe down, babe. You know our agreement, I don’t ask stupid questions and you tell me what I need to know as you see fit. And we’ve been doing exactly that since we got married 3 years ago, this is no different, so tell me what is wrong and maybe we can get an understanding and fix it.”

“That ungrateful sonofabitch called Duro just broke up with me!”

A feigned aghast face. “Goodness! He did? Did he tell you why?”

He sat heavily on the bed beside her

“He didn’t, and that’s the curious part. He tried making some lame excuses about feeling, but we both know if he had been bored here, he would have left long ago.” He’d began sobbing

Lola threw her hands around his big shoulders, and drew him to her. He let his head rest on her laps and let go with the tears.

She patted him gently, trying to soothe him despite the guilt that was madly running around her head.

“You’ll be fine, dear husband. You’ll find someone else, someone better for you.” She cooed.

“Promise?” He whimpered, through his tears

“Oh, dearie, I promise. Remember the many times I’d come to you after we got married with my many tales of heartbreak and you’ll always tell me I’ll be fine? I always was, eventually. You too will be. Yes, you’ll be.”


This was the beginning of Duro’s determined pursuit of Lola. And with his natural charms and absolute interest in winning her heart, she stood no chance. Two months after Duro left Remi, she too left him, without getting a divorce, to be with Duro. She was five months pregnant then.


Moving about, or more appropriate in her case- waddling about, had become increasingly difficult in the last month of her pregnancy, but Lola always tried to do so as part of her antenatal exercises. However, Duro, her new beau, always wanted to help her and take care of her so much, she never really got to get her ass moving about.

So when she heard a ring at the door a few minutes after he had gone out on an errand, she’d been grateful for the excuse to be mobile.

She wondered briefly who the visitor could be, because they never really had much of them. And when she opened the door and saw her legal husband, Remi, standing there, beaming and looking daper, she became fidgety and ashamed.

She’d left without saying a proper goodbye, just a note on the countertop.

“Hello, Wifey. Fancy meeting you here!” He exclaimed excitedly, as he reached out to hug her; she let him do so.

“It’s been, what, three months, right? Since we last saw each other?”

She nooded with a shy smile, “Something like that.”

“Oh, and you look ravishing. Just glowing with all that good living and pregnancy hormones ish.” He said, dramatically tilting backwards to admire her

“Thanks, come in.” She replied, getting out of his way and closing the door behind him.

“Wow.” He said, looking around,” this house is just as brilliantly beautyful as when I was in it last. Did Duro tell you I designed it for him?”

“No, he didn’t. Come, have a seat. How have you been doing?” she asked genuinely as she led him to the lounge

“Oh me, considering, I guess okay. Losing the three most important people in one’s life at almost a go is a wicked curveball, but hey, I’m a survivor, right?” he said, chuckling, with a self-deprecating tone.

“Yes. I’m sorry about it all. But the attitude you are with now is so gracious…I mean, it’s just…you know…great. Please, have a seat.”

He sat on a bouncy, leather club-chair and patted the place next to his, so she could share the seat with him.

“So, tell me Lols, how have you been with the baby-bump and the new relationship and everything?”

She smiled “It’s not been easy, Remi, but I’m trying to hang in there.”

He stood up suddenly. “If I remember correctly, there’s a mini-bar just behind that glass-screen” he said pointing

“Yes, there is. Rude me, I should have offered you something. Sorry.”

“Nah, no worries, you just sit pretty, and I’ll make something for both of us…for old times’ sake, at least.”

“hmm…No alcohol, for me. Pregz and all.”

“Hey, it’s me we’re talking of here; don’t forget I can mix a non-alcohol drink that can leave you almost as buzzed as an alcoholic one.” He said smiling as he went on to make the drinks

Lola was very impressed at the care-free, forgiving attitude he was having. It made her guilt larger, and she felt really sorry for him.

He was back soon with two half-filled cups. He gave one to her

“Here. The ingredient of yours is secret, but if you can name two of it from the taste, I’ll have to sponsor a trip to the US for you, to give birth to our son.”

They both laughed.

“Cheers, to new experiences.” They clinked glasses and drank up.

He took her glass and set it on a stool, then crouched before her and held both of her hands in his.

“Lola, tell me, were you so unhappy that you had to rush out on me without even trying to get a proper divorce?”

“Noo! It isn’t that. I just needed to be with someone who loves me and can show he does.”

“Show? How did I not show I loved you apart from not having sex with you?

“Exactly! I appreciated the other things but I needed the intimacy as well.”

“Ha! We had an agreement, an agreement you fully understood before entering into it. You knew I was gay and that I needed to marry to fit properly into society. You agreed to marry me, to be the mother of my children and that we’ll both have freedom in that marriage. You’ll get sex wherever you liked and I’ll have my own affairs too. So simple- and you agreed to it.”

“I’m sorry but I realized sex is just as important as the respect and love we found for each other in the three years we were together!”

“Respect? Lols, you never respected me! That is why you could leave a stupid note to say it was over between us; at least the snake you call a lover had the balls to tell me his mind. But you, whom I trusted and decided to share my fucking life with…you just left! And you took away my baby too, imagine?!” His voice had grown loud and angry, and Lola wanted to let go of his hands and throw him out, but she couldn’t.

A weakness had grown all over her, and some new pain had started somewhere in her abdomen.

“But you see, you can’t take my child. This child that I had inseminated into you from my seed and your egg cannot have another father; that is how much it means to me. And you too, if I can’t have you, no one else will.”

The pain was increasing, and a wetness began to stream down her thighs. She looked down at it, the red stain it was leaving on her clothe. His eyes followed hers and he smiled, a satisfied anger was gleaming in his eyes.

He let go of her hand and made her recline on the chair.

“The drink I mixed for you will help you relax, babe…like, you know, permanently.  Let me clean these cups, best Duro doesn’t know I was here. He’ll get his own comeuppance eventually, self-destruction, you see. He’s incapable of doing good for himself, that was why we were so good together for more than 10 years through his many arrests and addictions – I was always there for him. But he’s lost his anchor; the furious ocean will have him. I’m so sorry you won’t be here to see it. After I’m through with the cups, I’ll let myself out. As I told you, I designed this house, so I know all the ways in and out. Rest well, dear. It won’t be long now.”

He took the cups and walked away from her. The tiredness had transformed to a pain that racked her whole body, but somehow, she couldn’t cry out. She just lay there, bleeding out, dying.



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  1. Hmmm……Well, its fiction.

    A messed up arrangement should have a messed up outcome.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @namdi, Yes…its fiction, thank the Lord. I hope you enjoyed it.

  2. Gay + Murderer…. Double devil


    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @kodeya, yeah I guess that’s how it seems. The murder part seems more grievous to me though. Glad you read and commented, thanks. Merry christmas.

  3. Bad lives ended badly.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @bunmiril, very pithy comment. Thanks for being always there. Hope the holidays are going well for you?

  4. Yeah! She deserved it!

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @ananimous, lol! The passion with which you commented was really fun to read. Glad you loved the ending…but she was as much a victim as a perpetrator sha. Compliments of the chicken…sorry…season. Send my hamper o! Lol

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @nalongo, True!!! Seasons greetings, too. Enjoy.

  5. It’s a fucked up world she got herself into. She is dead and out of the way, who knows the two murderfuckers might assfuck in loving memory of her blasted foolish soul if they get back together. How messed up could she really have been to marry a gay man and then move in with his bi-ex later. Tscheew!
    I like the way you wrote it. Well done, O. $ß.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @sibbylwhyte, Fucking-A, yo! Outrageously fiine comment, lol. Thanks for reading and liking. Season’s greeting.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @chime221, lol, served hot-and-steamy, yo! Hope you acquired a taste for it. Enjoy and compliments.

  6. Sure I do bro and I wish you same.

    Should I call it Poetic Justice? Yeah that’s what it is.

  7. Distinguished (@DistinguishedAnoke)

    Sad and crazy; didn’t expect a right ending to a warped set up.
    Well written and makes a nice read… Welldone!

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @distinguishedanoke, i’m glad you consider it a good read. And yes, the ending was sad.

  8. @O-money, nice job, even though it is fiction, this could happen in real life. Seriously Lola seems to me a confused and probably insane woman who does not, marry a gay guy and live with his lover and then leave him with his pregnancy for his ex . Really, mistake upon mistake upon mistake caused her life.

  9. These days ladies just want to be married for the wrong reasons; like change of name; have a Mrs. attached to their name, because my friends are all married with kids, for the money and I don’t want to miss this guy, don’t know when another one will come.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @blackgold, Your sentiments are on point. She made very serious mistakes. Its a pity she never got the chance to recover. Thanks for reading.

  10. The general idea of this story is a very used one but coming at it from the gay angle really spiced up the story. It’s a role reversal that i find interesting. I like the way you ‘show’ the characters through their dialogue. You didnt need to go into background details for us to know the kind of people the characters are. It’s a story well written.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @izzy…yes, its a practically ancient story line. But I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

  11. Is this for real?

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @omena, na for real o! But I made this stuff up. Hope you liked it.

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