A Tale Of Reality 8

A Tale Of Reality 8

Sgt Akingbola Temitayo heaved a sigh as soon as I finished narrating the whole episode.

“So, you got tangled with the Machismo Cult?”

“Yes, just like I told you.”

“Good. Put your mind at sleep. The whole hospital is over-protected with Mopols. For unknown reasons, the Governor has taken personal interest into this case, and he wants us to protect you with our life.”

“The Governor is interested in my case,” I said, wanting him to repeat the statement once again.

“Yes, the Governor is interested in you.”

I tried to sit up on my bed, but I felt pains all over my body.

“Maybe you should just lie down and talk,” Sergeant Akingbola advised.

I ignored his advice, and I sat up amidst the pains generated; my head was aching seriously as if needles were pricking my brains. “I smell a rat here sergeant.”

“Rat?” he asked, standing up from his seat, “I don’t smell any rat.”

I giggled. “I didn’t mean rat as in animal. I meant a foul play. Why should the Governor be interested in my case?
I’m an ordinary student. None of my family works with the government so I’m surprised as you said he is interested in my case. What special thing did I did I do?”

Sergeant Akingbola pulled his chair closer to my bed, and he looked me straight in the eye. “I asked myself the same question when I got the information. I thought you might answer it.”

I shifted a bit. “So what do we do now?”

“The Governor asked me to see to your case. I have listened to your story, and I’ve decided we should end this once and for all.”

“That’s good. When you arrest the culprits; I can identify them, even though I can’t really give the exact location of the house I was taken to.”

“There is no need for the house. You will go back to school, write the article, and get it published.”

“You really want me to write an article of death?” I shouted.

“Yes, you will resume school next week and you will publish the article. You don’t have to be scared, because we’ll keep a close watch on you. We don’t need to look for the Machismo cult members, they will come to us.”

“You want to use me as bait? What if you arrive too late and they kill me; what if they re-kidnap me, what of-”

“Save your troubles man. Nothing of such will happen. I will have armed plain uniformed police men around you all the time. Your security will be guaranteed.” With that, he stood up. “Have a good rest; I’ve to get things prepared at the station. Meanwhile, I want you to be rest assured we have security all-round the hospital.”

I watched him as he took his leave. The door slammed shut, and an eerie silence ensued as soon as he left.

The Governor is interested in my case, why?

Something wasn’t still right about all these. I wasn’t too satisfied about the setting. In most cases, the Governor is usually interested in things of personal interest; things that will benefit his government.

Or maybe the Governor wants to get rid of Machismo cult too

The door opened. Sgt Akingbola entered.

“Is there isn’t any problem, security breach” I quickly asked before he could say anything.

He stopped near my bed.

“There isn’t any security breach. All is tight. The Governor called.” He said quietly.

I adjusted a bit. A smile was engendering on my face. “What did he say?”

Sgt Akingbola’s face fell. “He said we shouldn’t publish any of your findings, nor should we use you as bait.”

“But even with all that, it doesn’t still save me from the Machismo cult wrath. They still want to kill me because I have witnessed one of their rituals. I will never be safe with your plain police patrols; I will be hunted and probably caught one day…”

“Save your troubles, the Governor has offered you a scholarship to study at Oxford.”

“Oxford University?”

“Yes, Oxford University. I just thought I break the news to you before you sleep.”

“I can’t really tell you how happy I am,”

“I’m sure you must be happy as the heavens. Get some sleep. We will visit the Governor tomorrow.”

“I have a request,”

“That is?”

“Can I have a plain sheet of paper, A4 to be precise. A biro and a plain board I can write on while on bed. Finally, I would like a bowl of popcorn to keep my mouth busy.”

“Shouldn’t you get some rest? It’s almost midnight.”

“For me, there is no better way to rest than to write.”

Sgt Akingbola smiled and shook his head as he headed for the door.

“You’re one lucky guy; I wish I was just like you.”

I smiled as he slammed the door shut.

To be Continued.

12 thoughts on “A Tale Of Reality 8” by Kay Ade Greins (@kodeya)

  1. – What special thing did I did I do?
    – Is there isn’t any problem, security breach?

    Editing issues.

    Nice episode. Rat? I smell one too.

  2. Apart from the error established above, look at this: “Is there isn’t any problem, security breach”.

    The story just got more interesting… Let’s go there.

  3. Now the Governor wants u to leave “I smell a RAT” ℓ☺ℓ
    Seems the Gov is part of them. Nice episode

  4. Work on your dialogues man

    Your attempt at humour fell flat…are you saying the cop is so daft as not to get the phrase “i smell a rat”?

    Other issues are the same

    Well done

    1. @Topazo-It is not everyone that has a sense of humour.

  5. I didn’t read part 7 and I think 6.
    Anyway, it’s getting more interesting.
    Well done.

  6. The usual editing issues, @kodeya.

    The suspense seems be fading, now that the MC is out of danger.

    The transition to the hospital scene wasn’t well done. Sure, I figured out that he was in hospital, but how do I know that more stuff didn’t happen between him passing out and talking to the police?

    I wonder why the governor changed his mind.


  7. @TolaO

    I think the next episode will just make you ‘wow’ . It is far from finished.

  8. Nice episode and i wonder why the governor would be interested in the student journalist case. but let me go on and read the next one

  9. well-thought out

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