A Second Chance: Part 1

It was my final year in college, and I have been seeing this guy named tunde for about well let me say 3 years. He was everything my mind wanted, and friends demanded from me at that time, but my heart ached for more. See I have never been in love before but I knew what it meant to not be in love with someone. Tunde gave me everything but he couldn’t love me. I was on the verge of selling my joy and happiness all because of money. He gave money, as in the guy was loaded. I smiled at the mirror each day, looking at myself in each new dress I got from him, but on the inside I was dirty.

“Ah bisi, bisola, answer me joor. Is this dress okay for the occasion?” And there I was standing still, as if someone poured cold water on me, I was brought back to my senses.

“oh am sorry dear, I was…..”

“yeah I know, bisi where does your mind fly to most of the times, sometimes I feel like you’re not here, actually this has been happening frequently lately”

“am so sorry please na,  I promise it wont happen again”

“that’s what you said the last time”

“ok ok….. But the red dress though, ah you wan cause traffic” we both busted out laughing, the dress was just the perfect little thing for her.

Seyi abeola, I met her when i was 18. She is the life of the party, in fact, she was the one who introduced me to Tunde. Shes not from a wealthy background so that made me wonder how she could take me to lunch everyday with many rich men. When your life gets turn upside down, anything, any chance, is everything to you. So I took it, and went on that faithful date with tunde.

“hey babe, where are you.”

“am coming back from shopping with seyi”

“I have been calling your phone all through and you were with seyi?” is she more important now?”

“tunde please let’s not do this today, am really stressed right now and the last thing I need is for you to raise your voice at me.” He has a bad temper, I could never satisfy him. It was as if he became my father when I gave him my number.

“Well I have a favor to ask you.”

“Ok?” I climbed up the stairs to my one bedroom apartment I rented not too long ago, after moving out of tunde’s space.

“you know my friend Bola right?……yes him, he kind of has a thing for you”

“And so, how does that concern me”

“he wants to get to know you better since you know, am with you and all that.”

Right there, I knew this guy was up to something. 10 minutes later this boy was giving me an address to a hotel, where he expected me to meet with his friend.

“listen am not up for your silly games, if your friend want to meet me he should let us meet at a restaurant somewhere and not some silly hotel”

“so what are you trying to say? Hey!! see if you know what’s good for you just do what I said. I mean imagine, of what use are you to me then if you can’t impress a friend. Those money I spend on you are they just going to waste?”

“I have heard you, you don’t need to insult me. It’s not your fault anyway.” I quickly cut the phone call because any minute from now, I would start to regret everything all over. There I was sitting on my bed, planning to go on a date with my guy’s best friend.

Before I knew it, it was already 6pm; the driver Tunde sent will be here any minute. I looked at myself in the mirror, the dress I had on was barely covering my knees, I recalled from my conversation with Tunde not too long ago. The guy told me to dress and impress his friend. In his exact words he said, “Just look at the situation as if it was me you were trying to see.” Can you imagine!! That moment I knew that I really was nothing more to him than a show piece, but he was everything to me.

As soon as I heard the car pulling in my drive way, I rushed to get my purse.

“Madam you look very nice today”

“Thank you Musa, and so do you” he rushed to open the car door and I slowly got in, with no clue of what was ahead of me.


20 thoughts on “A Second Chance: Part 1” by Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

  1. Nice sha.

    Some corrections….
    – The names of your characters started with small letters in some places e.g tunde, bisola.
    – Its preferable to write “i” in capital letter.
    – The first word in most conversations started with small letters also.

    1. Thank u I will remember all that when am writing the other parts.

  2. He is going to pimp your azz…silly girl

    1. Lol…….oh yeah

  3. See what money can turn girls into…

    1. Thanks for the comment but you know some situations leave us with no other choice

  4. So she is a runs babe?

    1. Lol……I won’t say she is read part 2 and you wil find out why she is doing all this.

  5. @Ufuomaotebele I’d be following. Please make the descriptions sharper. I’d appreciate if stories are not cut halfway, in the name of writing a series. Are you shying away from boring your readers?

    1. Thank! This is my first time doing this so I promise I will improve. And yes I do not want to bore the readers

  6. Owo !Ego!! Kudi!!! see wetin you don turn the youths to.

    1. @blackgold i am asumming u are refering to money oo when you said owo ego kudi………thhansk for the support

    2. @blackgold i am asumming u are refering to money oo when you said owo ego kudi………thanks for the support

  7. @ufuomaotebele,

    There’s a very interesting story here, with the MC conflicted over the life she lives. (And yes, it’s stories with conflict that are the most interesting.)

    There are plenty of errors, though. Tense confusion, capitalisation, and wrong word usage abound. Hopefully, you’ll Yale your time with future installments.

    1. @TolaO thank you!! And I hope to do better in my future works.

  8. s'am (@samenyuch)

    :) :) nice nice

    1. @samenyuch Lol…….i see your just now getting to my work………good sha. thanks for reading.

  9. I was surfing then I found this @ufuomaotebele, what kind of a guy askes his girl to meet someone at a hotel, chai.

  10. LOL :) , this is good read and I will say a battle of the mind. Sometime we die in silence inside but radiate on the outside. getting the full line.
    @@ufuomaotebele, thanks for the link hope you have another series down your sleeves? be looking out for your PIECE-ssssss

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