The Existence

The Existence

–If life was a fairy tale

I’d be prince charming searching

For a princess with a sorry tale to tell


But Alas!


Life is an arduous journey just to behold

Behold!the tale we were told as kids

The painfully dreaded rite of passage into manhood

This is No tale to Tell scared kids


Oh to wish I’d stay forever young

Keeping my frail heart forever strong

Who tells this tale?

A tale of fear

A tale to scare


Alas!.my life isn’t mine

But if it were..

I’d forever hang the “do not disturb”sign


Oh life,

A journey I have to go through

Oh my heart wails…..

At the travails of life

Oh it dreads to see

The pathways of pain


Leading both weak and strong alike

To an unavoidable end

Determined surely by No human hand

—-The existence

3 thoughts on “The Existence” by Kuti adetoye prince (@princekuti1)

  1. Nice poem. I particularly like the philosophy behind it. I believe it will come out stronger if edited.

  2. The philosophy is good, but the way it is portrayed leaves one querying the title.

    I also noticed that the lines are juggled, thereby making the work sense lose some of its senses.
    Try and re-work the plot. It’ll be ‘finer’…

  3. Edit edit edit edit edit edit edit.

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