The Devil I Know

He strolled into the office, clad in a suit cut to fit only him; he cut an image of the next Mr. Nigeria, and feminine jaws hit the floor. He was the devil-in-the-workplace kind of guy. And he knew it.
Later that day, he was escorted from desk to desk where he introduced himself as the new staff we’d been expecting. When he got to my desk, the only language I could speak was a smile, but my mind was a mixture of Israel and Iran: “He’s not wearing any ring,” I’d thought. ” To hell with this no-dating policy!”
I asked him out to lunch one afternoon, and many afternoons after, he asked me out on a date. Dates spread across my calender, and we were both sweaty and breathless one night when he told me that he was an inspector sent from the regional office to verify issues of “illegal mingling” reported against my office, and that I was his sixth proof.
He said it as calmly as the Monalisa would if she could speak; he said it, smiling the devil’s derision at me. I was speechless; a thousand amperes of anger surged through me. I hurried into my dress, and dashed out of the hotel room.
The next working day, I started to notice that a lot of ladies hid their faces from him whenever he walked by, (Get this, Mazino) even married ladies!
I don’t know why I still want him. (I don’t know why evil looks so appealing.) But I know why he always wears that I-know-what-you-did-last-night kind of smile. And it looks good on him. I look good on him -and he knows it.
That’s why we’re now engaged. Yay!

21 thoughts on “The Devil I Know” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. Okay. Best line of the story. “He said it as calmly as the Monalisa would if she could speak”


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      It made you think, abi?
      That was the idea.

  2. The thing with ladies and strange devilish guys eh…
    This is the second time you’re using Monalisa, If I didn’t know who painted her, I would have thought you did.
    This is good
    Well done.

    1. #
      They say that girls like bad boys.
      What makes you think I didn’t?
      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. omg! You devil! This is gooood. My jaw actually dropped when I read “feminine jaws dropped to the ground”. You definitely tagged it appropriately. But jee, our dear friend will be fighting hands off her prize for life.

  4. hey @stag… i love this “He said it as calmly as the Monalisa would if she could speak”

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      @Fadehan, the idea was to make you see it.
      I’m glad I did.

  5. hehehe….sixth proof…mad man…
    cool story..

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      Hey, the guy could count!
      Don’t hate the counter,
      Hate the count…or don’t.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  6. lol hw did u know monalisa speaks calmly

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      I used to date her.
      That woman could nag! –
      Silently, though.
      @yinkus101, thanks for dropping by.

  7. A complete office romp turns into a disaster and then flips back into a happy ending…all in a brief impactful flash fiction…

    @HemingBird you are definitely proving yourself to be one heck of a flash fiction genius

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      O, from your lips!
      What an honour!
      Thanks, @Afronuts.

  8. I’m with @afronuts. Mad plot in a flash, I’m challenged…

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      Thank you for being honest.

  9. haha! sharp guy

  10. Wow! Another interesting flash fiction, @HemingBird. I think I’m beginning to prefer all your stories. The one I read before now (some kinda female James Bond), sucked.
    Welldone…Keep it up!

  11. Guys ehn! Na wa o!
    @HemingBird, are you that guy?

    Hush Hush Newbie

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