The Battle of Tomorrow

The Battle of Tomorrow

Our Beloved Village
Our Pride, Our Identity
Dry leaves flying through the air.
The sky clear and the sun blazing without sparing no man
Little children shouting loud with large smiles so innocent.
Playing without an iota of fear
Worrying is for adults, fear is for the old
The serene environment was the envy of surrounding villages

The face-off at the market square
The battle of tomorrow fought today
The annual wrestling match
Spoken about for countless market days
Talked about by spectators
even amongst the infants.
This was one of the few occasions the Igwe graced the village with his presence
He always watches closely with excitement in his eyes
like a small child bathing alone in the stream.

The road to the market square was so silent that
when listened closely the trees could be heard whispering
The wrestling match between Okachukwu (the local Champion) and Ozigbo.
Okachukwu’s light skin of was every girls delight.
A real Nwoke oma m.
His ‘handsomeness’ didn’t go without catching the attention of the Igwe’s first daughter .
Ozigbo the Lagos boy.
4 years with his uncle in his spare parts shop in idumota.
He’s was regarded as the dark horse.
The Black Lagos Boy because of his dark skin tone.
Just like the rest who had come up against Okachukwu in the past.
They had their few minutes of fame with Okachukwu.
Okachukwu ‘s back has never touched the ground since he was born.
Rumours have it that his mother went to the dibia to fortify him when he was born.
The crowd shouting their names was deafening
‘Okachukwu, Okachukwu, Okachukwu, Ozigbo, Okachukwu, Ozigbo!’
Money changing hands by the corner with Emeka aka The Dealer
signalling ‘customers’ to come closer
Weta ego here sharp sharp !
Always having an annoying smile on his face
with a black chewing stick dangling from his mouth.
Okachukwu’s best friend since they were small boys bathing together in the stream.
Emeka was the brain and Okachukwu was the muscle.
They had been living large since Okachukwu became champion.
They shared the spoils after every competition.
The spoils got bigger when Okachukwu was to wrestle in a neighbouring village.
Today looked like a good day to wrestle
The dibia had assured him of victory like he normally did
as long as Okachukwu kept the bush meat coming.

The battle began with both wrestlers holding each other firmly
First 2 rounds had the two wrestlers sizing each other to find weaknesses.
‘Okachukwu, Okachukwu, Okachukwu, Ozigbo! the crowd kept chanting.
Okachukwu was about to lift ozigbo up but he wriggled out of the grip.
Sweat oozing from the wrestlers and nerves showing at the corners of their necks.
Ozigbo held Okachukwu tightly and attempted to carry him.
The first time he didn’t budge
Second attempt same outcome
The crowd started hailing okachukwu then suddenly the
On the third attempt, Ozigbo lifted Okachukwu and slammed him on the ground
The whole market went dead silent as if an evil spirit appeared
For the first time Emeka’s annoying smile disappeared.
He’s toothpick fell out of his mouth when the he saw okachukwu’s back on the ground.
Ozigbo had won and the whole crowd was dazed.
Ozigbo! a market woman shouted
After her outburst the whole place erupted with cheers for Ozigbo.
Okachukwu had lost his ‘title’

It was the main topic on the lips of children and youths
informing the villagers that missed the fight.
“Ozigbo carried Okachukwu with one hand and dropped him on the floor yakata.
He come put him leg on Okachukwu.
Them talk say Ozigbo get one dibia for Lagos.”
Different stories depending on who was narrating it.
Okachukwu was supposed to meet the princess that night after the fight but
when he got close to the palace he saw Ozigbo and the princess giggling.
His identity had been taken from him and he turned quietly to head back home.
He had been stripped of his image among the women and the whole village.
The new laughing stock. he thought to himself
He kicked a stone to let out his anger that hit a nearby bush.
Who’s there? Ozigbo shouted.

Thank you for reading. This is my first attempt at fiction and am not igbo so pardon me if you not impressed with the way I used the igbo words.
Your comments would be really appreciated

7 thoughts on “The Battle of Tomorrow” by korex (@motaomu)

  1. Interesting story.

  2. Why is it versed like a poem? That’s really distracting me, cos I cant make up my mind if am reading s story or a poem.

  3. Thanks for the comment. Really sorry about the mixup. Initially it was a poem but got stuck so I decided to change it to a story. Would make sure there is clarity in the next piece.

  4. hmmm..this your style ehn …your first attempt at fiction, what stopped you from writing using the common way like every fiction story you’ve read …this is good but it will be better that way.

    some sentences here just lacks sense..m suspecting posting problems or maybe you didn’t edit enough.

    well done Korex…interesting story…may Okachukwu be comforted…we should learn to face defeat at times, cuz victory will not always come our way..

    keep writing!

  5. This style is strange….
    But i Love it…
    Nice work

  6. Written prose like a poem…

    And then for a first attempt at fiction, you didn’t do bad. Is the arrangement deliberate of its an error?

    Cause I would have asked – why didn’t you tag it under poetry?

  7. Yeah, @motaomu, like @afronuts and @shadiat have said, this would be better as a poem.

    Look out for some tense confusion.

    Is there a part two? The ending looks somehow unresolved. If there is a second part, you should have titled this “The Battle of Tomorrow – 1”.

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