Tales Out Of Campus: Exam Success

Tales Out Of Campus: Exam Success


I got to the examination hall about thirty seconds to the time. Who cares anyway? Today we were to write G.S.S 101 exams: the Use of English. The invigilator handed our papers to us after taking the roll call, and we started immediately. I skimmed through the questions over and again for more than fifteen minutes. My mind was blank. Oh my God! From where did this stupid lecturer import these questions? I wondered. Did he really teach these things?  Nna men wahala dey oooh!

I took a quick look around the hall; everyone was bent over, writing seriously, especially the girl who sat beside me.

No! I can’t end up like this, I thought to myself.  I must pass this course by any means available. Any! So I stretched my neck a little, peered into the paper of the girl sitting next to me and started copying from her work.

She was quick in putting down the answers, and also had a nice writing. Jeeeez……. this girl must be a genius! She must have noticed my little game, because a while later, she started covering her work systematically; I was undaunted however, and stretched my neck further.

Several minutes later, she stood up to submit her paper. I held on tightly to her skirt, pleading silently as I did so. “Nne, please I seriously need to pass this English course. Just allow me to finish copying from the second page”.

She looked at me disdainfully, sighed and brushed me aside, but I held on desperately to her skirt. She became angry and flared up. “WHAT!!! What I do to you! Why are you pester me like say tomorrow is not around. Eh? Did I telling you not to read?”

I cried out instantly to the invigilator in my loudest voice. “Sir I need a new answer sheet immediately! I have made a very big mistake!”

So na like dis I for use my own hand finish myself! Baba God noni ooh. I need to find another authentic source to copy from; make I try dis oda girl. Whether devil like am or not, I must pass this course!


(Just felt inspired to post this very short piece. I seriously need your comments on this and will be very pleased with any corrections made. Thanks)

10 thoughts on “Tales Out Of Campus: Exam Success” by Chris Teck (@offero)

  1. This story sounds very familiar.

  2. Lols, I know the joke of the brilliant Olodo. Well, I must commend you for sharing it, even if it isn’t original.

    At least admin upgrade your points. No be so?

  3. @hymar, you no serious *points*

    But yea, its a common joke. And the writing…. Good…. The least I could say


  4. Tnx guyz. Like I said at the end of the story I just felt like posting this. Well the next one will definitely be interesting. You would not want to miss it!

  5. Let’s wait and see what the next one holds.

  6. The writing is neat and that’s good. Let’s see what the next holds.
    Well done, Tecks.

  7. Thanks @sybll, I really appreciate that!

  8. Hehehe, common joke told uncommonly, that’s the mark …

  9. nahh…this is not new to me Chris…I kinda like the way you presented it though
    well done

  10. common-sensical

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