I wonder why people like silence

It is actually deafening to my ears

Silence, the absence of sound

A form of noise itself

Like colour black, the absence of all colours

Yet a colour itself.


When I’m in a place filled with silence

I can hear the vibration in my ears

In silence I can hear my breath

I can hear my heartbeat when I’m tensed

I can hear the interaction between the two voices in my head.


When silence is prolonged, my ears start aching on the inside

Alas! Respite may lie

In the tick-tock tick-tock

Speech of the speaking moon-faced clock.

8 thoughts on “Silence” by bunmiril (@bunmiril)

  1. Silence can be blissful. One can actually answer unasked questions.

  2. A “deafening silence”, can someone tell me the figure of speech it is?

    Nice read, I must say with impeccable editing.
    Keep writing

  3. This is a very nice piece. Silence can be very defening sometimes.
    One Word: TIGHT.

  4. @newreign, @chime221 and @louis
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting.
    It feels good to know that i’m improving.

  5. A deafening silence is an paradoxical oxymoron, chime.

    Good poem but could be edited better.

    I like to rework my poems like ten times before I post

  6. Deep. I have to admit that.
    I like the way you built up your thought into something really tight.

    Nice piece you got there. keep writing.

  7. This was straightforward, if a bit repetitive, @bunmiril.

  8. Nice piece although I must tell you that I actually prefer silence to all the noise flying around the world.

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