Our Angels 27

Our Angels 27

It was the sound of gun shots that nudged her eyelids open the first time. Sleep claimed her again. She woke up -the second time -to find herself in Richard’s arms.

“Desola…I’m here. I’m here, darling.”

She could hear voices. She saw strange faces, too. It took a while before her eyes adjusted to the lights.

Plain-clothed and uniformed policemen were in their sitting room. A police sergeant told her that two of the armed men had been shot. Two had been arrested. Her throat was dry. A drink would quench it. But all she wanted that minute was for the policeman to leave her alone so that she could look around to find her sister.

Had something happened to Fausat? Why wouldn’t Richard just tell her? His eyes gave nothing away.

“I need to take her to the hospital,” Richard was saying to the policeman.

“Okay, sir.” Desola heard the sergeant reply.She saw one of their neighbours at the door. When the woman moved her head to the side, she saw Fausat.

“Fausa,” Desola called out. Fausat came running into the sitting room. When she hugged her, she noticed that her sister winced. “Did…they hurt you?”

Fausat shook her head. Teardrops trickled down her cheeks as if they had been on the brink of leaving her eyes. “It was when they pushed us onto the floor.I was so scared. I thought you would never wake up.”

“Is he…dead?” Desola asked about Gbenga. Someone had placed a sheet on him.

Richard frowned. “We need to take you girls to the hospital. Don’t worry about him.” Desola noticed Eniola’s brother behind  Richard, when he lifted her off the floor. She didn’t know he was there.

“I can walk,” she whispered into Richard’s ear.

“I am not taking any chances,” was his short reply.

Her father’s neighbour, Alhaja Mulika, promised to stay in the house with Florence to wait until the police had finished. By the time they got to the hospital, Desola had managed to convince Richard there was no need for her to see a doctor. Fausat, on the other hand, cradled her hand like a new-born, trying to convince everyone she had fractured it in several places. Whilst Fausat was with the doctor, Richard explained how he came to the girls’ rescue.

“I called Pastor Olorunsogo after I dropped you off, sweetheart. I was worried about you and Fausa. You remember Pastor Olorunsogo,who came to our church in London, don’t you?” Richard asked, shrouding her upper body with his right hand like a blanket. They were alone in the waiting room as his brother-in-law had popped out to ring Desola’s father.

“You didn’t tell Pastor Olorunsogo anything, did you?”

Richard heard fear in her voice.“Don’t worry, I didn’t mention any names,” he reassured her. “I told him you were a friend. And that the worry is that your uncle would abuse the younger female members of the family. I told him how I’ve tried really hard to get you to report your uncle…”

“I don’t want my father’s name dragged through the mud. The stigma that my sister will face if the case gets to court…”

“You don’t have to go to court,” Richard interrupted her. “That was what Pastor Olorunsogo said. He said it is more important to get Gbenga disowned by your father. He suggested that it might be best for me to find someone your father trusts, a close friend that can tell him.”

Desola withdrew her hand from his.

“Or to go and see him myself. If your father knows, he won’t let Gbenga near your home again. Then you don’t have to worry about your sisters. Also, when the police arrest him, without your father’s support, he is more likely to plead guilty. So Pastor Olorunsogo called the commissioner of police here in Ogun state.”

Desola’s eyes narrowed at him.Richard could tell that her heart had jumped into her mouth. But he couldn’t sit around anymore with his hands in his pockets.“After speaking to the commissioner myself, I called your father to see if I could come to see him at his office on Monday.”

Desola jumped up from her seat. “You can’t make decisions like that for me.”

Richard followed her. “I haven’t told him anything yet.” He caressed her upper arm. The blood stain on the front of her night dress- which he guessed belonged to Gbenga- was now rather noticeable.

“It was when I called your father that he mentioned that your uncle had decided to stay in Abeokuta. I realised that you girls would be on your own with him.”

“It was you that called the police?” Desola asked.

He nodded. “I called the commissioner first. Then me and Ola rushed to your house. I tried to scale the fence because the gates had been locked from the inside.” He knew he wouldn’t forget anytime soon how he froze when he heard Desola’s scream. If Ola had not stopped him, he knew he would have been in the house before the police arrived. Luckily, only one of the gang had made a feeble attempt to fight the policemen, the others tried to escape through the back door of the house.

Desola wrapped her arms round him. “Thank you my love.”

When Ola came back into the room, he took Richard to the side. He told him he had seen a police car arrive with Gbenga.

“He is still alive?” Richard could barely keep his voice down.

“It won’t be for long,” Ola answered before advising Richard to take Desola back to his home.“She might not want to go back home when the police have not taken away the bodies yet. I have just spoken to the housemaid. One of the dead robbers happens to be the gateman. Desola was right.”

“What is this world turning to?” Richard shook his head.

Ola continued, “Take Desola to our place and try to get her to rest. She looks tired.”

“She needs a change of clothes atleast. I’m not sure she will be able to rest though.” Richard replied before glancing at Desola in the corner.

“I will stay here and bring her sister home as soon as the doctors discharge her,” Ola winked. “Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Alhaji is a very strict man.”

Richard welcomed the much-needed joke. He persuaded Desola to come with him as soon as the doctors had informed them that Fausat’s wrist was sprained and not broken.

Richard handed Desola a dress he had taken from Mama Wale’s wardrobe at four that morning, after her shower. He knew Ola’s wife, who was away in Lagos,would have been fine with it.The smile on Desola’s face as she took the dress from him was hardly noticeable. A towel, held in place under her armpits, covered her bosoms and her upper legs. But it was what he saw in her eyes as he left to go into the kitchen to make her a cup of tea that gladdened his heart.


A new kind.

He hadn’t thought she could love him anymore. He was grinning when he took the cup to the bedroom. Their future he thought, would be nothing but blissful.

His smile died when he walked to the bedroom door. She was on the floor. His hand couldn’t hold the cup anymore. Desola’s half naked body was jerking violently. Her limbs were slamming themselves on the floor, gripped by a seizure.

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  1. It sure does get more complicated,I must confess I didn’t foresee the twist.
    Nice work Jummy.keep them coming.

    1. @E-prime, thank you for checking in.

  2. Jumoke d twister!!! Nice 1. But d spacing for publication is too too much. Next part plzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Hi @vicky, sorry about the time between posts. I submitted this episode a while back but my guess is work can’t be published in the four day period like it was cos there are more posts been submitted to NS these days. For example, I think there is around 100 submissions on the scheduled list at the moment.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this episode too. Thanks for commenting.

  3. HMMMM! @olajumoke. I am thoroughly knotted up!

    1. @Nalongo, I hope the knots come undone by next episode. Lol. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  4. Ok. A gateman turns butcher. Richard comes to the rescue. A seizure. What next?…….Our Angels 28


    1. @namdi, you will find out soon. Many thanks.

  5. danfo girl (@alli-eniola-funmilayo)

    this geh! this geh! this geh!
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    Haba na!
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    1. Lol danfo girl, you really want episode 28. I have submitted it. Let’s hope it gets posted soon.
      Thank you.

  6. *screaming* JUMOKE!!! You will knot kill me. I was so happy the story was finally having a happy ending till I finished the episode. Didn’t Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ that coming at all.
    Admin should pity us. I pray we wouldn’t ve to wait this long for another episode

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  7. Haba naw Jummy…you wanna kill me before my time??abeg leave desola and her richard abeg..

    But why is desola protecting her useless father’s image???the fool doesnt care about his family..so why should she care about his stupid image??

    1. @schatzilein, you know what Desola is like. Of course she will protect her father. She puts people she likes first. Remember all the months she spent doing Richard’s domestic chores and even keeping the bed warm, once. About time she did something for someone else other than Richard actually….
      Thanks dear…..you know I appreciate your comments

  8. I really enjoy this, moving with it. Weldone ma’am

  9. Interesting.
    Kudos Jummy.

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  10. Interesting twist of fate.
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  13. Nice work jummy……
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    1. @smiliee, they say everything happens for a reason. Thanks for reading.

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    You will find out what has happened to Desola soon

  16. Finally caught up with the crowd! My jaws ave been dropping, closing and dropping from the first episode. Good for Ogbeni Gbenga, I hope he rots in hell.
    You’ve done and you’re still doing a great job @olajumoke
    Well done.

  17. @Bibbie, I am so pleased you have checked out Our Angels.
    Thank you so much for your kind comment.
    I’m sure you will thrill us with I go go.

  18. Good installment, as usual, @olajumoke.

    Did you pull this seizure out of the air? I’m trying to remember whether you mentioned in one of the earlier installments that she had an epilepsy problem (I hope you did).

    I found Richard’s explanation of what had happened a bit hard to follow. Why did Desola get angry thinking that he was making decisions for her.

    Well done.

    1. @TolaO I think the seizures could be from the fall…she was pushed and hit her head on the floor…such trauma to the head could cause seizures

    2. @TolaO, if I explain the cause of the seizure, then I will ruin the suspense for people who haven’t read Episode 28 yet.
      You wanted to know if I pulled it out of the air….. (smiles) … no.
      I agree that the explanation was a bit hard to follow. I should have perhaps written that as a narrative.
      As usual, your comment has taught me a thing or two.

      1. OK, @olajumoke, no wahala. Be like your avatar and put a plaster over your mouth while I go off to read the next installment. :)

  19. Richard na love struck idiot o…how can Desola convince you not to get herself checked and she was right inside an hospital…even if it’s just for formality! and yet your are a Clinical Psychologist!


    You have got all the elements of a good story telling down…i doff my hat

  20. @topazo, thank you, I don’t understand Richard at times jare.
    Lol, about your gist. You know all that’s going on here on NS, so I trust you.

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