My Dozen And One Ladies 2. To Calista

My Dozen And One Ladies 2. To Calista

To Calista

Staring at your picture I felt a cold shiver
Your perfect beauty makes my heart quiver
Your sweet smile pumps air to my liver
You’re my life—I will be with you forever
Hurt you, I will never ever
You’re my everything, my sweet diva.

How would I define your beauty; how will I rate you?
Your perfectness makes me dumb
Your maturity thrills me to the limb
Yet, you’re so tender, so sweet, and so immaculate!
Your body illuminates the beauty from within your soul
Your love for me is pure gold I dare not lose.

I have only one major factor for striving
To care and cater for you—never to let you lack
Your passion ignites my soul, drives me deep to great doings
Distance keeps us far apart
But forever you lie in my heart and I in yours
Soonest, I’ll be back for you and give you that kiss.

9 thoughts on “My Dozen And One Ladies 2. To Calista” by lactoo (@louis)

  1. Hmm! what heights of love.
    Not boring.

  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Nice continuation.

  3. I just hope this your dozen and one ladies are not mere figments jare…
    Hopefully, you’ll get to give her that kiss in time before another does. He he.
    Well done, lactoo

  4. @bunmiril
    Thanks for your uncompromised criticism and constant review of my piece.
    Hope you find time to keep up with this poetic series.

  5. @shadiat
    Thanks. You are very much welcomed to continue drinking from this well of poetic waters. Do well to keep up with the series.

  6. @sibbylwhyte
    This ladies have all had a role to play in my life.
    Thank you for following up.
    Wow. Me too I really hope to arrive there and give her THAT great kiss.

  7. Just checking in @louis.
    I’m enjoying your poetry series.
    Good job.

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