Mum I Told You

Mum I Told You

I told you mum; I told you.

I told you I didn’t like the way Uncle Felix touched me when we played.

I told you how his ‘thing’ would rise when he tells me to sit on his lap.

I told you how he comes into the bathroom when am in the shower and he says it was a mistake.

I told you I didn’t like the way he looked at me when I came out of the shower.

I told you how he came into my room when I was dressing and slapped me on my buttocks and says

‘This small girl you are growing o.’

I told you how he bought a new phone for my 11th birthday and asked for a peck in return.

I told you and you said ‘He’s just showing affection. He’s your big uncle.’ (my big uncle yet none of your siblings know him).

Remember when he bought me a short skirt for my 13th birthday and said I should try it on in his presence.

I told you I refused but instead of supporting me you said I was rude.

I told you when he said I should get something in his room around midnight when you traveled.

Remember I said he came in and jumped on me saying it’s a game he wanted to teach me.

He called the game ‘Frisking’ where he ‘searched’ me thoroughly.

He said this was the game that was in vogue when he was my age. All this time I told you but you waved it aside.

I told you how I was bleeding after Uncle Felix had his way with me but you said I should keep quiet and not put you to shame.

Your exact words were ‘What do you want your fathers’ people to say? You know they accused me of killing your father.’

I complained and complained but you said I was seeking unnecessary attention.

Since you never listened and most times said I was talking rubbish, I kept mute and allowed the incident to play itself out.

Now you want to listen now that I am pregnant.

You are 5 years too late to come up with a solution. This 16 year old is tired of talking. She has accepted her fate and has decided to bear this burden alone.

(Dedicated to all the girls suffering in silence whose folks refuse to face their predators and prefer to maintain an image. Was trying to write a piece different from what am used to. Heard so many stories of girls being ‘raped’ by ‘relations’. My friend told me she was offered a phone by her uncle so they could decide when they would meet secretly. Please I would love if their is awareness concerning this case. Also your sincere feedback to improve this piece would be appreciated. Cheers

16 thoughts on “Mum I Told You” by korex (@motaomu)

  1. Hmm! what a mum.
    These people are being brought to book daily and are thoroughly dealt with.
    Well done.

  2. This is serious.

    May your mother not come from hell

  3. Pretty serious stuff here….

  4. It works as an accusatory letter, so it’s all good.
    Yea, crazy as it sounds, some parents pawn their kids. Lots of cases on the news.
    Well done, korex. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks guys. Thanks for the comments. hiccups in our society is what I would be sharing. @hymar I believe its more than being a bad mother but more about informing people that life is not and not expected to be perfect. The image was what the mother was after because her husband died. Why was she living a false image. Watch out for the other piece. The mother’s reply

  6. I know of a secondary school teacher who abuses the kids bt the management has refused take action against him.

    These kids should be educated early enough and taught how to protect themselves and to speak out to the authorities. The authorities on their part should always reach out to them.

    Weldone @korex …spread the word.

  7. @Korex, nice one. The society we live in today is full of stories like this, even fathers partake in such acts. You are very right about early education for the children especially in our typical African/Nigerian setting where issues and topics relating to SEX is dreaded. Thanks.

  8. The list of different kinds of sexual molestation is inexhaustible, well written and quite touching. Well done.

  9. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    a very crucial point made here,children are to be thought on how to defend themselves from scoundrels claiming to be relatives and for them to be able to speak up whenever been harassed or abused sexually and not keep mute……a relevant piece,well done

  10. Hummm is just all I can say….this happens every single day…

  11. @korex wow…i would tell you…this is splendid. rape happening in the most unthinkable fashion…and she told someone. i would love to her this story from the mother’s perspective. i might try writing it. same style.

  12. love this. Please let us say it out and loud. These are the kind of things that should be turned into programmes and aired on tv and radio. Young teens should someone in the society to talk to if their primary guardians are failing them.

  13. Distinguished (@DistinguishedAnoke)

    Thanks Korex for lending your voice to this issue. The case of child/teen molestation can not be overflogged cause with each new day comes a more bizzare tale.

    Love your style of writing too.

  14. Let’s keep writing about it, shouting it from the rooftops and writing about it constantly… one day our voice will be heard and these crimes will be reduced to the barest minimum

    Well done

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