Marrying A Foreign Husband – Episode 1

Marrying A Foreign Husband – Episode 1

Gabriel combed his long hair while looking at himself with the mirror in the luxurious hotel bathroom he was in.Then he put his hair in a ponytail that made him look like a pirate.
He was in Nigeria for an important mission and he had only a year to finish it before returning to the united states.His mission was to establish his tenth commercial oil drilling factory here in Nigeria under his company name Gabmount oil products and oversee the building of the factory,the shipping of drilling equipments and all equipments needed for safe drilling of oil.Thankfully Nigeria had plenty mineral resources especially crude oil.
Gabe could only shake his head when he arrived at the luxurious sheraton hotel for the charity event he had been invited to and women began to smile admiringly and suggestively at him.Even though he wasnt really here to socialise and find a new mistress,he wished he didnt already have a mistress so he could pick one up here but alas he did and he had just picked Amelia,a french lady as his mistress a week ago and he was already bored of her but he would have to endure for atleast a week more before pursuing one of the beautiful Nigerian women.
Unfortunately he was here for the sole purpose of making business connections and friendships that would help his new factory in Nigeria and he didnt have time to scope out a new mistress.
As he looked around he saw that Nigerian women were even more beautiful than some American idols.Their dark brown skins seemed to glisten in the room giving off a smooth shine.And those of them that were even slightly fair had golden colored skins that looked as though it had been tanned thoroughly.
Gabe looked around seeing a few white people and he began to mingle with the crowd taking a flute of champagne from a passing waiter.
It was while he was mingling that he encountered a woman with honey colored skin and long black hair that looked natural enough to be her hair.She was the first woman he had seen at this charity event that did not wear a wig or have a weavon fixed to her hair.
She was dressed in an exquisite silver sequined dress that made her honey-colored skin stand out.The dress she wore was certainly very modest compared to what some women at the charity event wore,it covered her from chest to toe without living any part of her cleavage to display.It however displayed her wonderful figure that had men around the room drooling.She was unfortunately holding the arm of a very old man who looked down at her very possessively.The old man was obviously an Ameriacan who had stayed in Nigeria for a very long time since he had a very tanned look about him and some sun burns here and there.
The old man’s expressive eyes shooed away most of the males who drooled at the woman at his side.
Gabe almost groaned that the first woman to catch his attention in a long while had to be the mistress of an old man.
Gabe went to speak to the old man who held her arm and introduced himself as Gabriel Montez.
The old man took his arm and shook it introducing himself as Victor Brown and the woman at his side as Helen Brown.
Gabe at first thought that Helen was Victor’s wife until Victor had told him that his daughter,Helen had a ph.d in business administration.Then He began to see similar features which they shared like the expressive almond shaped coffee brown eyes and their nose.
Victor had then been called forward to prepare for his speech back stage.He had told Gabe to stay with his daughter and ensure that none of the men here whom he referred to as vultures came near his daughter.
Gabe started a conversation with Helen and found out some interesting things about her.He watched her heart shaped face in order to catch the different expressions that flitted across her beautiful face.Her cupid-bow shaped lips were pouty looking and seemed to beg for kisses and he thought they looked as soft as flower petals.As she spoke about how her father had met her mother.Her eyes filled with love and Gabe was surprised to feel himself wishing for her to look at him with a similar but different kind of love directed at himself.
When Victor had arrived,Gabriel had not been able to resist speaking his mind.
“May i be allowed to comment on your daughter’s exquisite beauty?”,Gabe asked.
“Oh comment all you want…numerous people have certainly commented and I can receive more than six thousand praises before I get tired”,Victor said smiling proudly.
“Dad!”,Helen reprimanded in a censoring whisper but with a wide indulging smile.
“Oh you remind me so much of your mother Helen…only she could reprimand me as you do”,Victor said with a gentle smile.
As the event came to an end,Victor and Gabe exchanged business cards and Victor invited Gabe to visit his home at G.R.A,Ikeja anytime he liked.
Nine Months Later,Gabe had seen to his Factory completion and the shipping and moving of the equipments.He had already employed the necessary employees needed for the Factory.
He had taken Victor on his offer and visited his house one day for dinner.After then,he couldn’t resist asking Helen to dinner.She was delightful,pretty and smart.He had fallen in love quickly enough and had found it really hard to tell her till he had caught her looking at him with an undefined emotion.Then he had confessed that he was in love with her and she reciprocated the confession.
Gabe had then asked her to marry him and they had been married for two months after in the eleventh month of his stay in Nigeria.
It was now time for he and his wife to return to the states where he would definitely introduce her to his mother.He was sure his mother would approve of their relationship because she had sounded very optimistic when he had told her about his bride.
After they had boarded the plane,Gabe looked down at his very pretty wife who was looking out of the window.She released several gasps of surprise at the scenes she saw out of the window and he delighted in seeing her happy.
When it was getting closer to the time when the plane would touch down,Gabe saw that Helen was wringing her hands nervously.
“Don’t be so nervous Honey,I’m sure my mother will love you”,Gabe said.
“Are you sure of that because I’m not”,Helen said.
Gabe bent closer to her and kissed her on the forehead.
“Yeah she’ll be delighted to meet you,I’m sure”,Gabe said.
When the limousine arrived in front of Gabe’s chateau,an elegant and sophisticated woman was waiting outside.She hugged her son and he kissed both of her cheeks.
“Hello Mother,How are you? I hope you enjoyed your vacation?”,Gabe asked.
“Of course dear but I have been so bored”,The woman who was obviously Gabe’s mother said.
“Well mother meet my wife Helen Brown”,Gabe said.
“Nice to meet you ma’am,Gabe has told me so much about you and I can’t help but admire you”,Helen said stretching her hand forward for an handshake.She would have knelt down as was the custom in Nigeria but Gabe had assured her that his mother would not like it and it would not go down well with her.
Gabe’s mother’s lips thinned as she turned to face the bumpkin which Gabriel had married.She realized that the girl was very beautiful but she still hated her.She had planned to coerce her son into marrying her best friend,Jessica’s first daughter but the bumpkin had made a fast move.She planned on destroying the gold digger’s marriage with her son.There was no way some Black bumpkin would steal all that her son had worked for.She would just have to pretend for now till She came up with a good enough plan before getting rid of the gold digger.
She gave the girl a very hostile look that she quickly changed to a welcoming smile.
“Dear I’m inclined to admire you too because you were fast enough to make Gabriel fall in love with you…You may call me Muriel”,Muriel said.
She gave the girl another glare and turned to her son with a wide smile.
“Dear why don’t you two go and freshen up,I’ve made dinner”,Muriel said.
As they went,Muriel caught Helen’s eye and gave a meaningful hostile look that made Helen flinch.
Yes Helen,you better flinch because I am going to make your life a living hell,Muriel thought to herself.

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  1. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    You seem not to put a space between your fullstops and the next character.
    American was misspelt.
    Nice story. Well done.

  2. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice story.

    I just want to point this…….”i” should be written as “I”.

  3. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Good story line. Watch your punctuation. Leaving was spelt as living.

  4. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Moshope, for your age, brilliant story line,there is room for improvement.Keep reading and writing.

  5. Your bio made me smile.
    Although your storyline seems like a predictable one, it’s the telling that would help it along. I have a feeling that the cramped spaces in the story was due to the copying and pasting. However, punctuations should be inside your quote-marks.
    Eg. “Well mother meet my wife Helen Brown”,Gabe said. The comma should be after Brown: …Helen Brown,” Gabe said.
    Always Edit your work, and enlist a friend’s help for crosschecking/proofreading.
    Keep reading and writing.
    Well done and welcome to NS, Moshope.

  6. leroyA (@LEROY)

    @Ninjaeunixa, Nice story. Just some typo/mistakes e.g using ”living” any part of her cleavage instead of leaving.
    It can only get better from here onwards.

  7. For your age, you’re on point… Your story is too crammed together, try spacing for effect and let the characters speak for themselves. Your story would have looked better with more conversations. Keep writing brother, and keep reading too…

  8. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    Nice story.

    Proofread your work.

  9. Adesewa (@Adesewa)

    Nice story, feels like you were rushing to tell the story though. Allow the charaters breathe. Keep it up!

  10. I don’t think this story is nice….
    It can be made nice. Work on ur sentences, punctuations etc….follow the advice given.

    Keep improving your art!

  11. Yeah, what shall I say. Be more patient in writing. It should a level of discipline and maturity. Well, you’re sixteen. I wish you the best. Just be more relaxed and let the ink flow.
    You sure have a story to tell, just let it come out by itself. Don’t force it.

  12. keep it up and be more careful with punctuations and spellings.
    good work for a 16yr old.

  13. well done keep writing.

  14. Whatever you do, don’t stop writing. Also, please space out your paragraphs. It’ll be easier on the eyes.

    Write on …

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