I Go Go(4)

I Go Go(4)

I look out of the car window and a frown creases my face. I know this area.

“Where are we going?” I ask my boss and he smiles.

“We are almost there. We’re going right there.” He answers, pointing at a  shop a few distances away from us. It’s my husband’s mechanic shop.

“What? We’re going to my husband’s shop?” I ask, my face going pale with fear. It suddenly dawns on me that I haven’t given my sick plan the thinking it requires. What if Femi gets really angry and kills somebody? I immediately start to think of all the tools my husband might have in his shop and the extent of damage they can cause if used as weapons.

“”Don’t you want him to know about our affair anymore?”

“I didn’t mean this, you want us to go and show off in front of him?”

I had no idea my boss was this daring.

“There’s no better way than this my dear, haven’t you heard the popular saying, seeing is believing?” He asks as he glances at me, that cynic smile appearing again at a corner of his mouth. I can tell he is enjoying this.

“My husband’s crazy and he has a lot of work tools that might be dangerous weapons. Do you want to die?”

“You think I haven’t thought of that? You and your colleagues must really think you have an idiot for a boss.” He says and turns into a corner before bringing the car to a halt. I look at my husband’s shop at the other side of the road and try to calculate how long it will take him to get to us with his sharpest tool.

I’m such an idiot.

My boss calls a teenage boy who is sitting in the nearest shop, talks to him, gives him some money and points towards the direction of my husband’s shop. He’s asking the boy to go and tell my husband to come see us. My heart beat suddenly accelerates and I feel butterflies in my stomach.

I can’t do this.

“I hope you are ready for this Biola, we have to really act like we are having an affair you know. Come on, get out of the car.” My boss says and I slowly climb out of the car, wondering what he’s up to and waiting for his next instruction.

My boss is still giving me a lecture on what we are about to do when we hear noises and see people running to the middle of the road. One of them, a fat woman has her hands on her head and is shouting at the top of her lungs.

“Ikunle abiamo o!”

An accident just occurred.

We quickly run to the scene of the accident and after forcing our way through the already thickening crowd, I see my husband lying on the ground unconscious. There’s a screw driver on the ground beside him.

He must have negligently crossed the road in a hurry to see and stab whoever it was that had the guts to bring his wife out to a place near his workshop when she should be at work and had been hit by a car in his hurry.

My boss bends near him and checks his pulse.

“He’s still alive, we need to get him to a hospital!”


33 thoughts on “I Go Go(4)” by Bibbie (@Bibbie)

  1. Oh Shit.


    I am glad to see
    That Bibi,
    Is following the footsteps of Mimi
    After a stuttering start.

    Well done. Keep it coming in droves.

    1. @Hymar I’m glad I didn’t get a third lecture on use of adverbs, I take that to mean I’m starting to seriously take to corrections.
      Queen Mimi’s an awesome writer on NS that has helped improve my writing bt following her footsteps? Methinks that’s me biting more than I can chew for now. That’ll be really tough.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. You have caught my attention.

    1. @Nalongo You don’t talk much do you?
      It’s a good thing you’re now paying attention.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nice twist bibbie… @hymar said you’re following the footsteps on the queen.. Well yes thats true…
    But be more shrewd with your logline….
    I really want to see whats next….
    Also, i forgot and i wonder why @hymar did not point it out for you…. I noticed some tense usage errors.. check it out.. except the story is written in present tense as a whole and nothing suggests that,,,
    Keep koing(writing)

    1. @Fadehan I appreciate the corrections, will painstakingly check for any errors(as much as I hate to do so) but the whole series is written in present tense, previous episodes already suggests that…I think.
      Thanks so much for reading.

  4. Hmmmmmm… Nice twist in the telling… You’ve got the markings of a master suspense spinner… More please.

    1. @clemency ‘markings of a master suspense spinner’ eh? If you say so o.
      Thank you so much for reading…there’s definitely more.

  5. I wonder who this Queen is y’all are talking about. Lol.

    Bibbie this is lovely. Impressive,actually.

    You’re doing good. Suspense ain’t bad too.

    Keep writing hun.

    1. @Mimiadebayo
      Lol, thanks for the kind words and for reading too.

    2. Everybody is calling her queen and she is beginning to do yanga…


  6. Well worth the wait dear.
    I like that you narrate in present tense, I think it helps keep your readers glued.
    I am enjoying the series.

    1. @olajumoke I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Thanks for reading.

  7. …you just have this thing in you Bibbie… it should keep flowing ..really awesome twist
    …waiting impatiently for 5…
    very well done..

    1. @Omoniyi Thanks, I hope it keeps flowing like this and even better. Episode 5 will come soon.

  8. Love it. I hope he doesn’t die sha!

    1. @aadetoyin
      We’ll see how it goes. Thank you so much for reading.

  9. @Fadehan, it isn’t a tense issh, bros. She was writing entirely in present tense, bringing the action as it happens. That’s applaudable cos d P.T is one heck of a difficult method to choose.

  10. Impressive.

    The best so far.

    Well done

  11. @topazo Thanks for reading and thank you so much for going through the rest of my posts too. Much appreciated.

  12. Nice. Very nice.

  13. This woman is too dumb and i dont like her at all…

    1. @schatzilein
      Lol, Thanks for stopping to read.

  14. @Bibbie I’ve not gone through all the series, but I do not appreciate you using one-shut tumblers to serve your works. Let’s see the twists the tale traverses. Thumbs up.

    1. @kingowen Lol, Thanks for reading I’ll ensure I use tall wine glasses to serve my other posts and any subsequent series since there’s no particular reason for the one-shot tumblers…I hope you’ll go get the previous shots.
      Thank you so much for reading.

  15. Hi,
    @Bibbie Just coming across this. You have got great pontential. However I am going to push you a little harder. You were showing just fine at the start then you started telling. Why? (First of all considering the events it is highly unlikely that Biola would not have noticed her husband’s arrival on the scene. Technically she should have been half listening to her boss, the order half of would have been watching for the imment arrival of her enraged hubby.) That been said even if she had her back to the iccident I would have attacked the accident scene like this:

    ” Good, his coming…Biola here is what I want you to…”

    But I never got hear what he was about to say. A screeching sound chattered the air. I spune around just in time to see my husband sailing through the air like a piece of paper. A sickening tud signal his returned to earth. He rolled over twice and finally came to a stop at the edge of the road.

    “Ikunle Abiamo O!”

    No need to say an accident has occured.Keep on writing.

    1. @amy78 Thanks for the push. Now that you’ve given me ‘orijo’ I’ll be sure to improve my showing skills.Thank you so much for reading.

  16. Hmmmmmmm….wahala

  17. I’m not sure I particularly like this turn of event but I this the boss planned that scene…the accident that is.

    @Bibbie……I’m still reading.

  18. Tnx for reading everyone!

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