I once was at a symposium, where I was to give a lecture. It happened that I had a couple of acquaintances present, who refered to me, in every sentence they made, as ‘Doctor.’
Some minutes before I was due on stage, a stranger rushed at me, and whispered, through gritted teeth, that his wife was about to have a baby in the ladies’ room. The strength of his gaze pulled me forward, and I followed him, asking myself, “What are you doing?”
When we got there, we saw that the woman was in the birth position, on the floor, and the baby was crowning.
“My God!” I gasped.
“Do something!” the man urged.
I said to myself, “Take a deep breath. Deep breath.”
The woman shrieked at me, “I’ve been taking deep breaths since I got here!”
When I found my voice again, I said, ” Erm, I’ll have to refer you…”
“Now?!” the couple shouted in unison of disbelief. The man had held my hand in a vice-like grip; he was wrenching my last composure out of me.
” Erm…I am a Doctor…”
“So, do something!” the man cut in commandingly.
“Aaaah!” the woman cried.
“…of Economics,” I concluded. ” I’m a Doctor of Economics.”
Their eyes swallowed their faces in unpleasant mixtures of surprise and fright.
Just then, my wife, who was a nurse, whose hospital was close by, whom I was expecting, walked in, searching for me.
“What’s going …God!” she exclaimed, and flashed forward, letting her vocation take over her mind. She ordered me to call her hospital for an ambulance. I did, and in one minute, it arrived.
The woman was delivered of a girl while, with jangled nerves, I delivered my lecture.
Nowadays, when someone calls me “Doctor,” I’m tempted to quickly add, “…of Economics.” One never knows who’s listening – and what emergencies lurk around the corner.
Dr. Ibe Aladimma
(Doctor of Economics, please!)

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  1. Hahaha,this actually made my day.beautiful piece.

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      Thank God; that’s why I write.
      Thank you for dropping by.

  2. Yea. Doctor needs clarification and can be confusing at times. Most of these pple parading themselves as doctors are actually Physicians. They only had their first degrees…. You can’t compare them with PhD who are the real Doctors……

    Good Flash fiction……. Thumbs up……


    1. @kodeya what are you saying? Physicians and philosophers, who are the real doctors?

      1. @clemency

        Mr Doctor…. Can you compare your doctor to PhD holders? You wan compare sleep n death? PhD are foremost man………

        1. Hehehe funny guy, @kodeya, even this story shows who the real doctors are. When you hear Dr, what comes to your mind? An hard earned MBBS or a PhD?

          1. @clemency

            Hard Mbbs???????? Do you know what PhD means – Doctor of Doctors. Mbbs is first degree. PhD is just one step shy of Professor. Not to forget that all PhD holders have Masters degree.

            1. @kodeya I rest my case. Just next time you are fatally ill, or like this MC, your wife is in critical labour, I hope your PhD ‘doctor’ with his masters and all can help you.

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                Nice one, but I think everything has its place.

  3. Laughing and rolling on the floor.

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      Don’t hurt your ribs now!
      Happy to make you laugh.
      Thanks, and keep reading.

  4. This is really funny…..
    Nice one tht made me laff…
    But watch out for typo errors….

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      Thank you for laffing.
      I’ll watch out for typos,
      you watch out for ‘typo errors.’
      Got it?

  5. Nice. Short, but nice.

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      That’s me:
      Five feet six inches tall
      and nicer than ‘Gongo Aso.’
      Thanks, Namdi.

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      One ‘Good one’ deserves another.
      Now, don’t it?
      Thanks for being there.
      Keep reading.

  6. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)


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      Yeah, it is.
      I hear you laffing.

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      Ain’t it?
      Stay cool.
      Thanks for your comment.

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      Nice to know that.

  7. Lovely! Do you mean ‘hash tag’ or you really are a harsh male deer? :D

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      The only answer to that question is my profile pic
      or whatever they call it here.
      Still trying to get it to fit, though;
      it’s really harsh.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  8. @HemingBird

    Its becoming apparent that you have a knack for churning out impactful and interesting flash fictions.
    I just have three words for you – ‘I AM INSPIRED’!

    Loving the way you keep it simple, short and interesting

    Well done!

    1. #
      Dear @Afronuts,

      I write the way I am:
      Simple – I wear no make-ups; I’m a man
      Short – I am 5″6.
      Interesting – When I break up with my girlfriends, they can’t take it, and always die – of boredom.

      Wow! You read me too well!
      I am counter-inspired.

      Thanks for your kind words.
      Keep reading…if you find the chance.


  9. This is good…@HemingBird. I like it.
    Welldone…Keep it up!

  10. @HemingBird, I don’t think @levuz has ever heard of a “stubborn” delivery.
    Funny one. Good job.

    Hush Hush Newbie

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