The sky. The sea. The shore. My feet,
With them
I stand upon the sands
And watch the sun mount
Into the morning.

I’ve stopped imagining
My daughter
Or building castles,
Or swimming in the pool,
Or flying a paper kite.

My toes. The sands. The waves. The clouds,
They drift
As I would
Across my sight;
I’d brave high waves
To reach them.
But each silicon grain
Mocks me
And sucks my toes
As my son sucked nipples
For milk
And wouldn’t let go.

The pelican. The splash. The squelch. My steps,
Ordered betwixt walls,
Thick forest on one hand,
Vast sea on the other.
The sands unsuck
The water walls crash
At my feet
Only to rise again
And crash again.
And the pelican flies
By bars of distance,
Or water,
Or trees,
From wife and spawns.

My footprints. The flush. The foam. The cries
Of the pelican
Fill my ears,
Though I’ve heard them for years
And a decade.
The salt
Of the immoral sea
Has shred my clothing
And floated scum to me,
The waves have stolen
My footprints
And dragged them to the bottom
Of the ignoble sea,
And I can’t trace my way
Back to where I once stood.
The pelican
– Sole companion –
For my soul,
Everyday, cries.

My children must
Have grown,
If better fortune
Than their father’s
My wife,
Tears dried,
Must have married again
And laughed again.

I choose a spot
Along the shore
And stare
From my lost feet
To the sands,
To the sky
Whence the sun
Into the sea,
Evening in,
Evening out.

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  1. It’s Harsh Tag now, isn’t it?

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      Neither Harsh Tag nor Hash Tag
      But Harsh Stag.

  2. We went for a walk,
    and you held me by the hand.

    Hush Hush Newbie

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