Bigger Thief Than I

Bigger Thief Than I

‘Beauty provokes thieves
sooner than gold.’
So let it be famed
– wherever I’m named;
I’m unashamed –
that love provoked a man
to steal.

When darkness falls and winds blow ill,

I’ll steal
the chill from your lungs,
and clear the wheezing from your breathing,
and eat the goose –
bumps off your skin,
and warm you to sleep
sound and soft.

When from Slumberland’s loft
you scream,

I’ll steal
the loneliness from your side,
the tears from your cheeks,
the fever from your brows,
the nightmare from your dreams
and strike your demons down
that you might learn how to,
and what not to fear.
Yes, I’ll steal
the horror from your heart
that only the even beating of peace
be drummed.

When, wrested from worry, you plunge into rest,

I’ll steal
the snore from your nostrils,
that others might sleep, too.
Or, I’ll just turn on the lights
and you’ll awake.
Then I’ll steal
the frown from your face
and plant a gentle smile
in the soil of its absence,
that its roots might tap from your soul.
For that fountain of joy,
I’d steal even the garden
of Eden.

When your want is hidden
from me,

I’ll steal
the lack from your purse
and fill it
with gold’s true glitter,
for I’m the good thief.
Heck, I’m the 40 thieves of Arabian Night!
I’m Ali Baba!!
I’m Robin Hood!!!
I’m in love!!!!
– with you.
And I’ll gladly steal
your last name and give you mine
– no prenup.

Your beauty tames the beast
in me,
but rouses the thief;

I’d steal
the ground you stood on
if you wished to fly.
I’d ‘steal the stars from the skies
and hide them in your eyes,’
but that’s a cliché,
worn-out, weak, banal, bland,
and never brighter eyes
than yours
have mine beheld
– they twinkle, they entice, they hold, they hypnotise.

So, take my hands,
add cuffs to wrists,
drag me to jail,
lock feet in stocks,
lay stripes to back hide,
but let it be famed
of you: that a bigger thief than I
had stolen my heart.

15 thoughts on “Bigger Thief Than I” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. If all thieves were like this, the world will be a better place
    Well done and keep stealing.

    1. Your “Well done and keep stealing” is like saying, “Thou shalt not steal…if the object is too heavy to carry.” Lol. Thanks.

  2. Oh shit. And yet again he kills her. Harsh your poems…your poems are something else entirely. They seem to have a spirit that’s free in their careless structure, paying no heed to restrictions and having a good time as they leap out and tease the reader.
    I love this. Steal all you can, life is too short not to be a Robinhood of love.
    Well done. $ß.

    1. Thanks, babe. Now get un-killed, and keep reading.

  3. Lovely piece. Well done.

  4. It seizes my gaze rudely.

    Nice one bro.

    1. Thanks, but sorry for the rude seizure, unless it’s a good thing to you. LOLs. Thanks.

  5. Oh my God!!

    Harsh…this is so very lovely! From now,I’ll read every poem you write!!

    I so love this…. am so really impressed!

    1. Aw! That’s so so so so so so so so lovely to so hear. Thank you.

  6. Oh…I gushed,didn’t I?

    I just noticed so many ‘so’s’ in my previous comment.
    Well forgive me darling…. I finally find a poet I can easily understand without qualms.

    Thank you!

    1. ” I finally find a poet I can easily understand without qualms.”
      Wow! Now I can sleep at night and rest. That is the aim of my writing, except when it’s my aim to do otherwise. You have made all my years of writing so so so worth it.
      About your previous comment, count my own sos if you can. LOL. Thanks again. Kep reading …and writing.

  7. Oleeeeeeee o, you’ve stolen my interest with this…. It’s beautiful….

    1. Thanks, brother.
      Make do with your principal then.LOL.

  8. Are you always this romantic?
    I hate my boyfriend right now.

    Hush Hush Newbie.

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