Betrayals and Funerals – Episode 31

They’d found my fingerprints at the crime scene. Lots of them. They’d also found pictures. Pictures of Ruby and I that gave everyone an insight to what had really transpired between us.
Del had advised me not to mention that I’d had a thing with Ruby. She believed it was safe to avoid raising any prejudice in the mind of the cops.
“If you tell them that, they’d conclude it was a crime of passion, a lovers’ spat or something.” She’d told me.
So I had kept my little tryst with Ruby from the cops. Obviously it had been a wrong move because as soon as the cops searched the house thoroughly, they’d found the incriminating pictures. That had been motive enough for them.
After all why would I lie to them about that if I had nothing to hide?
They’d also found my fingerprints on Ruby’s body, Delia told me. That wasn’t news to me. I’d touched her body but not in an attempt to kill her.
There was only one problem though, no murder weapon. All they had was circumstantial evidence but the DA seemed in a hurry to wrap the case up. Delia said he had political aspirations and only cared to look good in the eyes of the press.
They said I had motive and I had no alibi. Motive? We’d had a fight and she’d probably threatened to tell my wife. My several denials of that wavy theory fell on deaf ears. They said they had a witness who’d heard sounds of argument on the night of Ruby’s death
I’d been charged with second-degree murder.
Lucky me.
Kemi came to see me every day at the county jail after my arraignment. I could see it was tearing her apart, yet she was trying so hard to be strong.
“Baby, their case against you is circumstantial.”
“But they can place me at the crime scene.” I lamented.
“Yes. But they don’t have the murder weapon. According to forensics, the cause of death was a fracture of the skull and a massive brain haemorrhage. They can’t determine whether she fell or was struck with something heavy and blunt. That’s good news for us. Until they can find the murder weapon and link it to you, honey we still have a chance.” She spoke rapidly.
I couldn’t understand half of what she was saying. My mind was drifting again. What if they never found the murder weapon? Would I go to jail for a crime I didn’t commit?
“The police are assuming she knew her killer. Baby, I’m Del’s co-counsel in the case so I’m allowed access to crime scene report and the likes. I’m gonna be conducting some personal investigation of my own. Something stinks here. I can’t let you go to jail for a crime you didn’t commit. We have a child to raise.”
I took her hands in mine, I felt them trembling. I wanted so much to hug her, but my cuffed hands wouldn’t let me.
“We’ll be fine, I promise.” I said.
“The house is so lonely without you. I can’t sleep at night.”
“Why? You’re worrying about me?”
“How can I not? I’m also going through every legal book I can find. There has to be some law to back you up. Some way I can help Del. The DA is so eager to wrap up this case because of his political aspirations. Imagine that.”
“Kemi. Sweetheart.” She was shaking uncontrollably now. “Calm down. Del is taking care of everything, ok?”
How could I be so calm with everything going on around me? I wondered. I was facing possible incarceration, yet here I was spouting soothing words to my wife.
God, what is this? How tragic could my life get? In eight months, I’d lost a daughter, almost lost my marriage and now, about to lose my freedom.
Something had been niggling at the back of my mind since my arrest. It clicked now.
“Baby, you saw the police report, right?” I asked.
“Yes. Del and I looked over it together. What’s it?”
“My cell phone. Was there anything about it in there?”
She squinted, racking her brain. “No. I don’t think so. Except they removed it from the report. Maybe as their ace in the hole or something. Why are you asking?”
“Because, if the cops searched the crime scene well…as they rightly should, they should have found the phone. It fell from my hands when the killer knocked me out. If the cops didn’t find it, it means the killer disposed of it or something. It could prove that I’m telling the truth and there was someone else in the house besides me.”
“Honey, that’s a long shot, you know.”
“I know but we’re grasping for straws here.”
She sighed. “Know what? I’ll go through the police report thoroughly again and if I don’t see anything about the phone, I’ll get access to the crime scene.”
“That’s good enough. I’m so sorry for bringing this on us. It’s all my fault.”
She shook her head. “We’re gonna get through this together, sweetheart. How are they treating you here?”
I shrugged. “Jail is jail, whether you’ve been sentenced or not. There are some pretty tough guys in there. But at least no one’s made any gay proposals.” I infused a little humour into my voice.
“Well, thank God for that. Just stay outta trouble, ok? Pastor B sends his regards. Says he owes you a visit.” She touched my face softly. “I miss you so much.”
I nodded. “I miss you too. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in here. Funny how prison changes you.” I touched her stomach lightly. “And how’s our baby doing?”
Before she could answer, the guard signalled the end of the session. She hugged me, promising to come back with good news.
Even though her visit left me somewhat cheered, I hated having her see me in the orange jumpsuit that was the prison uniform. How could I tell her that the prison food tasted like sawdust? Ever since the judge had refused bail for me, I’d sunk into a form of depression that was new to me. It was the kind where I dreamed of Ruby and head her screaming while she was being butchered.
Del came to see me two days later. She was the person I saw most these days, as my lawyer she had exclusive right to see me when she wanted.
She’d let her hair down. That was the first thing I noticed about her. Del never let her hair down. She usually wore it in a firm bun at the top of her head.
“You look…different.” I remarked.
She looked at me, perplexed. “Really?”
“Yes. I guess prison makes me appreciate the finer things of life.” I chuckled drily.
I wasn’t sure but a look I didn’t recognise crossed her face and was gone in a split second.
“I’ve been with the D.A.” She said, sitting down.
“He put a proposition on the table.” She fiddled with her file.
“What kind?”
“He wants to enter a plea bargain. Plead guilty to manslaughter and you get a lesser sentence and no need for the rigorous and long trial.”
I stared at her. “I’m supposed to plead guilty to a crime I didn’t commit?”
“Look at it this way, if you end up going to trial, you might not be able to convince the jury that you didn’t actually commit this crime.”
“So why are you my attorney?”
“To give you the best legal counsel I can.”
“Does Kemi know about this?”
“I thought I should let you know first.”
“So what do you think? I should plead guilty and go to jail?”
“A lesser sentence is always much better than a long trial in which you end up getting convicted for a more serious charge. I think it’s not such a bad deal.”
“But I didn’t kill her. Someone else did. That will make a killer go free.”
“That’s a fine argument as long as you can convince a jury.”
“Are you telling me I picked the wrong lawyer? That Kemi and I can’t trust you?”
She looked away so I couldn’t read her face.
“Because you’re doing an awesome job of convincing me that you aren’t capable.” I continued.
“I’m gonna do the best I can for you, Mo. That’s all I can promise.” She said.
“Good. That’s enough. Because I’m not pleading guilty. I’m going to trial.” I declared.
She looked at me like I was crazy then heaved a sigh. “Fine. To trial we go.”

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