An Epitaph To Chuba Okadigbo

An Epitaph To Chuba Okadigbo

MY heart boils
My ears prick
My crannium cracks in blazes
Like a molten of volcanoes
As I recall the demise
Of a colossus from Eastern Nigeria
Late. Chief Chuba Okadigbo

His life was a dew of roses
A mirror for us
To see and embrace our origin
Nwanna! my veins flow of hot silver molten
When I heard how you bit the dust
A titan political scientist
Hear the tabor of my sorrow

Even to the verge of your last breath
You echoed the lie to the core
Though our good friends
Who tarred our roads with snares
Cut your gut with tear gas
Thinking that the egg of gory
Is glorious and joyous

Oh! Brother sleep well
Pray for us yet
For the storm is not over
And our World is hell
We never rest rather wrestle
Till we hear the sound of Ikolo
Calling us: if not today, tomorrow

3 thoughts on “An Epitaph To Chuba Okadigbo” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. First, I have issues with the title. It could read better thus: An Epitaph ON Chuba Okadigbo.
    The emphasis is on your use of TO as against the appropriate, ON.
    Also, your use of tenses and punctuations.

    For instance, the idea is that volcano is already molten. And it’s un-concord to use singular and plural in the same reference, like ‘a molten volcanoes’ (stanza 1, line 4). ‘…a molten volcano or molten volcanoes’ should be best used.
    Also, ‘my veins flow of hot silver molten’ (stanza 2, line 4), ‘molten’ when used as above is wrong since molten is the past participle of melt. As an adjective, it should have something like a noun after it, which it’ll modify. For example, ‘my veins flow of hot silver molten’ magma, or lava
    or even volcano.

    Don’t quit writing.
    I like the epitaph. It says much in a little way.

  2. This is the first poetic piece I’m seeing on the great Late Okadigbo. Reads nice, just watch your lines.
    One Word: DEEP.

    1. I love the beautiful outburst of your emotions @SUNNYDEMAJESTY. Although @Chime221 issues are valid, I must confess that the tribute is quite a great piece… keep on!

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