What a World!

What a World!

What a world!
A newborn must cry
If he fails to,
The matron will spank hard at
His sticky wet buttocks
Never stopping till he screams

And the light comes to our faces
And the baby is stunned
What a world!

The little boy goes to school
And the teacher, rod in hand,
Is waiting for him
He must learn lessons
He will never forget in life.

He is a man now
With the yoke of living
On his shoulders,
He looks ahead to see
Old age and death
Beckoning continuously at him

So he presses on
Toward the cold arms
Of eternity wondering
What a wonderful world.

8 thoughts on “What a World!” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. how witty…what a wonderful mans’ word!

    1. @simplisilv
      So wonderful! Thank you.

  2. Such is life..the struggle continues throughout life…from cradle to grave

    Well done

    1. @topazo
      aluta continua… victora acetia

  3. What a wonderful world, mmm, ironic; I like that.

    Nice poem @Idiong_Divine

  4. Right from birth, a child starts facing †ђξ dilemma of the world. If he does not cry, it’d portend problem. If he cries too much, it’d mean another.
    Indeed, what a world!
    Nice one bro.

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