To Fall, To Rise

To Fall, To Rise


Step back from that mirror

The fault is, and is not yours

Because If you do what

I think you want to

I am not sure you will want

What I want to think

Will happen

To those who do

What I think you are about to do

So let the knife on the floor, clang

And don’t let your neck on the rope, hang

Stop the head-bang

It’s a command, from Me

It is done, the deed.

As much as I know

You know, or knew, what to do

You wish it hadn’t happened

But it’s been done, the deed

The shame has been distributed

As well as the glee thereof

To the respective owners

It’s just my turn

To do my bit

of whipping you

And I advise

You brace up for the others.

Because it’s done, the deed.

I wouldn’t say Facebook was the worst of places

Neither will BBM ever rank as bad avenue

To spread My Word

But it all started, and I hope you remember

When you insisted

Women were the most vulnerable

Despite my warnings

Those times, those days….

The fights we fought like Sumo wrestlers!

The arguments we argued like senior advocates on duty!

Each night the pretext

Of explaining Scripture to her

Would prove more important

Than the calls for evening devotion

And even when you sang

If at all you were present

I would wrestle for your subconscious

With her.

Are you crying?

When Its done, the deed?

I watched your face

The first night she sent you a hug smiley

After cleverly diverting the scriptural topic

And I saw a let-down guard

Carelessness screaming

Wantonness opened its mouth, swallowing you

Danger beeping, in bold red

You were too carried away to notice

Now the result is clear

She just left the house of an evangelist!

Step back from the mirror, I say

Because its done, the deed.

You told her trousers were wrong for her as a lady

And when she promised YOU she would buy gowns and skirts

You did not correct her

Neither did you remind her who she was obeying

Now watch

Who spent the night with a strange lady?

An evangelist!

Grieve not,

For its done, the deed.

Step back from the mirror

And step back into Me

Deeper and further

Rise from the ashes

And rise in Me

The victory of the Accuser

Is but for a while

And if I am convinced of your penitence

I will turn the hot on him

And say he did it, the deed!









9 thoughts on “To Fall, To Rise” by raptureisforme (@raptureisforme)

  1. Nice one dear, write on.

  2. I’m not sure I understand this poem, but I can guess you had all the meanings and ideas figured out in your mind.
    Yet, I insist that the poem can be made more succinct and better.
    Well done.

  3. Well, I’M trying to grasp it, you seemed to be discouraging a suicide at first (I liked the word play there) but going further I lost you, you’re mentioning a lady and an evangelist, the Facebook, BBM line’s meaning is so lost on me. Good poem but sometimes the fewer words pass clearer messages, that’s poetry.

    You might check out a poem with almost the same title

  4. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Who is embarking on a ‘sui-caedere’ mission? and what the nature of this one? Nice poem @raptureisforme

  5. you have the have the poetic knife,use it to cut out one central theme and make others subsidiary(if there are)…good job!

  6. Hmmm. So, am I the only one who understood this poem?
    My thought: God is discouraging an evangelist from commiting suicide. Reason for suicide: He slept with a girl he had been ‘mentoring’ spiritually.
    Outcome: God told him to forget suicide, since He sends suicide victims to hell. That if he is remorseful he only needs to repent wholeheartedly and he would forgive his sins and BLAME it on him – the devil. *Wheew!* hope it helps, @clemency, @josephoguche @simplisilv

    well done, rapture.

    1. And oh yea, he was mentoring her via BBM and FB where they met. You know, even evangelism has to move with the times. Lol.

  7. Excellent insight, @sibbylwhyte. directly on point. is it that it not clear enough? okay na, my people, she has saved me all d explanation. thanks all for stopping by. U know every, na, Bubblinna….evangelism also has to be

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