To Become

To Become

Many Seldom ponder, as the hands of time tick by.

Why? Must we try? Is it all for love? and love?

The relaxation derived by natures awakening,

Thus nurtures seeds of reluctance.


Living to learn is ethical, but not in its ethics.

Education is wry, as we accept to advance in this evolution.

A bright future ahead emerges from that fertile conception,

the dawn of wonder to become.


To continue is to grow, the food for the mind, body and soul,

that provides eminence in existence. To build is to realise choice.

The nature of choice, vast to immense in its nature, lives

a mechanism of diversity to become.


In search for meaning, we must unite, whether as soldiers on parade,

in war as a nation, in the society as a republic or kingdom.

Nor our privileges are born. In such vast adaptation we must fight to become.

11 thoughts on “To Become” by Akuha (@MrAk91)

  1. More philosophy, less poetry. Not bad.

  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Nice poem .. love its philosophical undertone …

  3. motivationally nice! But you can be more poetic…

  4. Nice philopoetry… We must fight to become. Well done, Tyson.

  5. Nice read.
    At †ђξ end, it boils down to survival.
    Well done

  6. Thank you! @josephoguche @chime221 @simplisilv @Hymar was just going with the flow…

    1. Jo (@josephoguche)


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  8. The link is @chime221 @simplisilv @Hymar @sibbylwhyte @josephoguche your support will be duly reciprocated in your endeavours. Kind regards.

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